The Unwritten Rule

The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott Read Free Book Online

Book: The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elizabeth Scott
Tags: Romance, Contemporary, Young Adult, Realistic fiction, to-read
(because Meredith had told me it did) and another because something was stuck in ear (again, foam and Meredith) and was waking up every morning with stomach pain. Classes had gone one day, shivering a bit while waiting I met Meredith and Brianna came to me and said: “I lost my pencil, is a star. Would you help me find it? “No,” Meredith said, coming towards us, and not even looked at Brianna, I just smiled and said, “Please? I turned around, because of course Brianna wanted to help find her pencil. She was pretty. Everyone wanted to play with her. And never, never someone to tuck into foam in the nose. Or in the ear. “No,” Meredith said again, very strong this time, and gave me a look of you-to-be-crushed. “You have to,” said Brianna, and finally looked at Meredith. Ms. Johnson said when asked. “No, he did,” said Meredith.
    “Go and ask,” said Brianna, and Meredith frowned, looked at our teacher, who was fond of Meredith and then said: “A pen with a star on it is stupid, like you. “Come,” Brianna said, as if Meredith had not said a word, and when I went to find the pen, she whispered that he actually had one to spare, and that if I wanted. I turned, and when she gave it to me said: - Are you sitting next to me at the time of the story? , And just like that, I did not get back to what Meredith was saying. I was free, and Brianna was the only one he had. She saved me. Once when we were in fifth grade, I asked him why he came to me that day. She looked like she was crazy and then said: Because Meredith was so poor you! And also had a pen to get rid of, remember? I had turned and looked at Brianna’s dress, where he knew, kept the most important things, and I saw the pencil with the star on it with a small stuffed cat her father had given him. I loved her so much then, and still I have my home star pen, tucked in a desk drawer. - Well? Brianna says now, and the look. A girl was nice to me because he saw it needed someone to help me. A person who knows me so well and has been a big part of my life to go out with other people has never seemed important or even necessary. She smiled and she said her neck. - See? “No,” I say, because she has covered the contraption, it has disappeared. No longer. And it is true, not just makeup, but because I think about it again. Nor does Ryan think of kissing again. I will be a real best friend again. “Well,” she says, then quiet as we hear footsteps in the hallway. I turned toward the door, waiting, and I swallow as I step away, going up. “We better go,” he says after a moment, and spin me.
    His mother is not down, and cleaning people, who are now collecting their things and preparing to leave, tell Brianna that she is outside. “You look good,” says the woman with a child playing soccer, and the other, eyebrows, he says: You’re right, you look good. “Thanks,” said Brianna. Do you have … everything? The woman turns, and the eyebrows she shakes her head. “Great,” says Brianna. Sorry for the last time. If I had enough money … “he looks. I regret very much that Mom was so busy at work that could not answer my calls. “Do not worry about it, honey,” says the woman with dark eyebrows. You’re not supposed to you should pay us. Do you see you next week? Brianna turns and then heads to the deck that is behind his house, opening the glass door leading to it. I follow and I look as I walk into the sunlight. Brianna’s mother is standing on the deck, carefully inspecting her dress, smoothing the sleeves of black silk blouse is fantastic. I do not think the dry cleaners this properly ironed. These cuffs do not look ironed at all for me. Do they seem pressed for you, Brianna? “They look great. You cool lights, “says Brianna, and her mother shrugs and looks at his feet. - What about my shoes? I bought them yesterday and they looked fantastic in the store, the clerk said they were made for my feet, but now I’m thinking it may be very

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