The Viscount's Counterfeit Wife

The Viscount's Counterfeit Wife by J. Jade Jordan Read Free Book Online

Book: The Viscount's Counterfeit Wife by J. Jade Jordan Read Free Book Online
Authors: J. Jade Jordan
when he tripped and hit his head. He
told us he was a friend of my brothers and had stopped by to see if
they were in town.”
    “I see.” He paused.
“So he doesn’t live here. Where does he live?”
    “I have no idea.”
She hurried on to avoid him asking where he had hit his head in the
relatively bare hallway. “The truth is, I had never met him prior
to his arrival last evening and I know nothing about him.” Not
even his name! Her voice rose in alarm at the idea that
she had a total stranger on her hands; one who remembered nothing
about himself.
circumstances, to be sure. I’m afraid my advice remains unchanged.
Since you cannot send him home and have no knowledge of any body who
could care for him, you must not say or do anything that will upset
him, because he might never recover his memory if you do.”
    “But I can’t very
well keep him here. He’s a complete stranger!”
    “But where else can
he go?”
    His tone was so
reasonable, it made her feel small. Here was a fellow human being, he
seemed to say, and you are expected to help him. That was fine for
him. He thought her a married woman! What could she say, that their
visitor had not come via the front door? But how was she, an
unmarried woman alone, expected to keep a strange man in her home?
“Surely there must be some place for people... situations like
    “You don’t want to
send any friend of your brothers to such a place, I assure you.” He
took his hat and gloves from Foster.
    Tally was just as
certain that she did want to send him there… wherever!
    He must have sensed her
ambivalence. “Why don’t you write to your brothers and ask them
about their friend?” he suggested.
    “I… They’re in
Italy so it will take some time.” She’d been about to agree with
him, since it was obvious he wasn’t going to help her by taking the
man away to be healed somewhere else, then she realized, “But how
can I explain who he is to them, when I have no idea?”
    “Quite the dilemma,”
the physician said. He picked up his bag and moved to the door that
Foster was now holding open. “Give it a few days. Leave things
settle for now. That shouldn’t be too difficult, should it? Just
don’t give him any information about himself. Let him recall things
on his own.”
    He’d ignored
everything she’d just told him. She knew absolutely nothing about
the intruder upstairs to tell him!

Chapter Four
    Foster was waiting for
her in the hallway. “So what did the physician say about our
    “Sh…” Tally
hushed him. He insisted on calling their intruder a “captive” and
she knew that once he had an idea in his head, it was hard to
persuade him otherwise. “Nothing helpful, I’m afraid.” She
spoke in low tones. “What are we going to do? He doesn’t remember
a thing and Dr. Graham says it will take lots of rest and time and …”
her lip trembled. “H…he…”
    “There, there,
Missy,” The old man offered comfort in the only way he knew. He
patted her back a little awkwardly.
    But she knew he was
anxious to hear the rest of what he’d overheard earlier.
    “He…?” Foster
prompted. She paused and he growled impatiently, “Just spit it
    She hated it when he
was annoyed with her, especially when she was already feeling guilty.
“It’s possible he might never get his memory back. And it’s all
my fault!” she wailed.
    “Naturally. ‘Cuz ye
were the one climbing the wall into someone else’s window, weren’t
you?” He never passed up an opportunity to wield sarcasm, though he
usually reserved it for others.
    “No, but I needn’t
have shot him.” She blamed herself for having reacted too slowly.
“If only I had run for help!”Or slammed the window shut and locked it, why hadn’t she
thought of that?
    “Really? And where
might you have done that? Out in the street perhaps? And whose
reputation would be lying in tatters today had ye done that?”
    “I know, I know…”

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