The Wedding Deal

The Wedding Deal by Marie Kelly Read Free Book Online

Book: The Wedding Deal by Marie Kelly Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marie Kelly
have plenty of rooms………makes more sense anyway and we should celebrate our engagement”
    Scowling slightly Tessa had shaken her head.
    “No thank you……..I like my own home”, seeing as he had half filled his own glass with the blood red liquid, his tone suddenly less playful and more serious.
    “I want this wedding to be believable Tessa……… understand this, you will be moving into my home if not tonight then tomorrow. It makes more sense, as we will be able to organise the wedding, and it will allow you to become accustomed to my friends and your new home”
    Playing gently with the salmon on the plate, she had tried hard to stop her hands shaking, both with nerves and anger.
    “I still have a month’s rent on my flat………..and I…” she had blurted out, as he had cut over her.
    “Money is not an issue…….I will ensure that all your bills are paid and all your belongings are brought here”
    Finally giving up with the fork she had dropped it on the plate, wiping her brow nervously.
    “Why the rush Alexis…” seeing as he had looked at her in surprise.
    “Did you grandfather not tell you…………I expect the wedding to take place within the next 2 weeks”
    Shock had thudded into Tessa, her whole body feeling so cold and warm all at the same time.
    “Two….weeks” she had stuttered in disbelief, her eyes wide with shock.
    “But………that is so soon”
    Alexis had looked at the woman before him, so beautiful, so shocked, and had frowned softly.
    “I am sorry Tessa, I was under the assumption you knew the plans”
    Seeing as she had shaken her head.
    “No…No……he never specified a time scale, I just assumed we would …….”
    Her eyes had looked ahead, almost panic in them before her head had bowed in submission.
    “I can’t move in tonight…………or tomorrow” she had spoken so softly, continuing as his mouth had opened to argue with her, her large eyes holding within them an almost pleading light.
    “Please just give me some time to get used to this idea….I need some time”
    Alexis had considered the woman before him, not seeing the defiance as was so obvious by her earlier lateness, but fear, fear of what she was getting into, and instinctively he knew not to push her any further.
    “OK, Tess you will move in two days time” feeling a strange warmth at the look of relief and thanks she had thrown him.
    “I … I just need time” she had repeated before once more picking up her fork.
    For the rest of the meal he had asked her questions about her preference for the wedding. Whether she wanted a religious venue or something more relaxed. Tessa had been sure, only that she did not want the traditional wedding, and when he had suggested marrying abroad as part of their honeymoon, she had agreed with relief, glad not to have to go through with the ceremony with her grandfather gloating the whole time. Listening to the plans she had felt herself move into an almost autopilot mode, as he had so calmly discussed arrangements to a day that she had thought would be the most wonderful day of her life. To a man she would love with all her heart, not this man whom she knew so little about, who was a complete stranger to her, whom she had promised to marry and bear his children. The sudden realisation of this had swamped her, as she had felt tears rising to her eyes, causing her to stand quickly from the table.
    “I…I’m sorry…….I’m really tired…….I have a big day tomorrow” she had stuttered, moving blindly to the door, to be anywhere but near him.
    “I should go”
    As her hand had reached out for the handle, she had felt his on her shoulder, turning her around to face him. Seeing the small tear wind down her cheek he had groaned softly, pulling her unresisting into his arms
    “Don’t cry Cara” he had whispered against her hair, the sound and feel of him causing strange fluttering within her.
    “This will be a good marriage; I will be a good

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