The Wedding Hoax

The Wedding Hoax by Heather Thurmeier Read Free Book Online

Book: The Wedding Hoax by Heather Thurmeier Read Free Book Online
Authors: Heather Thurmeier
her as well as he did. What he wouldn’t give to be the one nibbling on her bottom lip right now. His memory had dampened her beauty since they’d broken up. But tonight there was no denying how gorgeous she really was.
    He lowered his lips to her ear. “You are so beautiful, Dee,” he whispered. She sucked in a breath at his words. He couldn’t resist brushing his lips gently across her cheek before standing straight for the cameras again.
    “Can we get a shot of both of you turned toward us?” a photographer asked.
    They played along, following directions as they were called out, turning one way and then the other so each photographer could get the perfect angle. They moved from one requested pose to another, first in a casual embrace, then standing side by side, and finally with her head resting on his chest. He liked that last one the best. It felt natural to hold her that way.
    “All we need now is a kiss, and we’ll be done for the night,” a photographer said while pressing buttons on his camera. “Can you turn to the side so we get both of you in profile?”
    A kiss.
    She bit her lower lip, her brow creasing. He smiled in a way he hoped would be reassuring.
    It was just a kiss. They could pull this off. It wasn’t as if they’d never kissed before. Easy peasy, as she’d said earlier.
    She licked her lips, and his mouth went dry. Enjoying a kiss from Daisy wouldn’t be much of an act. The twinkle in her eyes as she gazed up at him, the glistening of moisture on her slightly parted lips, the way her hips pressed into him at just the right spot—his body suddenly feeling hot and hard and paying attention—all combined, making him long to do more than just feel her lips on his.
    He ran his hands up her spine, eager to get to the kissing part of the evening. He cupped her jaw in one hand and tangled his other in the soft hair at the nape of her neck. She tilted her chin upward, offering her mouth to him.
    Well, he wasn’t about to turn down that offer.
    Slowly, he brought his lips to hers, savoring the tiny gasp he heard when her lips parted, inviting him inside. His tongue met hers with the familiarity of two reunited lovers…his body instantly remembering the feel of her nakedness moving in time with his. He felt the overwhelming urge to be with her that way again. That was one thing they’d always done well together.
    That was one thing they could definitely do well again. For the next few months.
    Her fingers scratched against his chest as she gripped his shirt, pulling him closer. He responded to her, kissing her deeper, his tongue exploring her mouth while his mind went to the places he wanted to take her—starting with his king-size bed. Oh yes, he’d take her there, then the kitchen table, and he’d definitely take her on the long mahogany desk in his study. Maybe living with Daisy would have a few perks he hadn’t considered.
    A throat cleared from somewhere nearby, shattering the fantasy his brain was currently enjoying.
    “Save something for the honeymoon,” Troy cheered. Laughter and catcalls filled the room.
    Cole pulled back from Daisy, leaving her with heavy-lidded, lust-filled eyes. He could only imagine his face must be a mirror image of hers. His gaze slipped down to her lips, pink and plumped from his kiss. He already couldn’t wait to taste her on his tongue again.

Chapter Five
    Cole took a swig of his rum and Coke, enjoying the warmth of the smooth liquor. He needed this—a night out, drinking with the boys, away from everything that reminded him about his commitment to Daisy.
    “Getting hitched.” Austin grinned over his beer. “I still don’t believe it.”
    “Me, either,” Parker chimed in. “Seems we’ve lost our spokesperson for bachelorhood. Guess I’ll have to step up and into his shoes. I know it will be challenging sleeping with a new woman every other weekend, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to undergo for the good of our bachelor-kind.”
    “You can

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