There's Always Tomorrow (Immortal Series)

There's Always Tomorrow (Immortal Series) by Alice Addy Read Free Book Online

Book: There's Always Tomorrow (Immortal Series) by Alice Addy Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alice Addy
can just kiss my behind.”
    Tony could
barely restrain the laughter he felt building inside.   Kiss her behind?   I’d like to do more than kiss her perfect behind, he thought to
    Throwing his hands
in the air, in a futile attempt to defend himself from the lovely termagant, he
conceded, “Okay, Sophie.   I
apologize, dammit.   I didn’t sleep
well last night, and I’m in a hell of a bad mood, today… even for me.   Get me some coffee and maybe I can try
to make all this up to you.   Can
you forgive me?”
    Sunshine once
again filled the drab little office, as Sophie smiled brightly.   “Yes, Tony.   I can forgive you being a terrible grouch, and I can get you
the best coffee you ever drank, too.   On the first floor, there’s a little coffee shop that very few people
know about.   Their coffee is
heavenly.   What do you take in
    “Black and very
hot.   That’s it, darlin’.”
    She blushed at
his casual endearment.   No one
actually took the time to say personal things to her.   Sophie couldn’t remember anyone ever saying they loved
her.   She prayed, that one day, she
would hear those words.
    “If you’ll
watch my desk, I’ll leave right now.   Be back in a flash, Tony.”   The young woman blushed again, as she grabbed her purse and slipped past
the very tall, dark and handsome, Anthony Barton.
    No sooner had
Sophie left to fetch coffee, than Grant rushed in, leaving the door ajar.   “Good to see you, old man.   I’ve had some luck.   Couldn’t sleep last night, so I started
walking down by the docks.   I do my
best thinking when I’m close to the water.   Go figure.   Anyway, I saw the little kid.   He’s naked, but he appears to be healthy.   The really odd thing is…he glowed
    “Green?” Tony
grinned.   “Yeah, but it’s perfectly
normal for someone with night vision.”
    “You mean…we’re
looking for a brother that has built-in night vision?   What the hell?”
    “Hey, we’ve all
got something special, right?   My
guess is, that is his gift.   It explains why he can live in total darkness and why it’s so difficult
for the authorities to find him.   Have you had any luck hearing him?”
    Tony shook his
head.   “No.   I hear grunts, sniffs, even something
that sounds vaguely like laughter.   I thought I heard a horn blast, but it was over too quickly.   Could have been a boat, I guess.   I’ll take a walk down past the docks
this evening.   If I can get close
enough, I’ll hear inside his head, whether he wants me to or not.”
    “You going down
to the docks?”   Sophie walked in,
balancing three cups of coffee in her hands.   “I’ve got muffins in my pockets, if anyone is interested.”
    Grant grabbed
for the muffins, while Tony took his cup.   “How much did you hear, Sophie?”   He popped the lid off the hot brew and took a long drink, mindless of
the scorching temperature.
    “I heard you
tell Grant that you’re going to the docks to listen to someone’s head.   I’ll go with you.   Two sets of ears are better than one.”   She grinned brightly.   “Is this the guy that snatched the
    Grant wiped the
crumbs from his lips and nodded.   “Yeah, could be.   He’s a bad
one, Soph.   I don’t know if you
should get too close.”
    “Hell, no,”
growled Tony.   “If you want to
help, then stay right here, and wait for the phone to ring.   I’ll call and have you notify the
police…or whatever.   The last thing
I need is to have to worry about you getting into trouble.”
    Sophie stomped
her foot and pouted prettily.   “Grant said I could help, and as you pointed out so clearly, he is my boss.   I take my orders from
him.   Besides, the baby will need a
woman to care for him, while you take down the monster that kidnapped him.   I can take care of myself, Mr. Barton.”
    Grant looked
from Tony to Sophie, and then back to Tony.   Sexual tension filled the

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