Thorn's Bondmate (Zarronian Warriors Book 2)

Thorn's Bondmate (Zarronian Warriors Book 2) by Mardi Maxwell Read Free Book Online

Book: Thorn's Bondmate (Zarronian Warriors Book 2) by Mardi Maxwell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mardi Maxwell
could take them with them, then he hurried them out the door. When they arrived at their quarters, he quickly searched the rooms. "Dane, after I leave, I want you to activate the security lock. Don't open it for anyone but me or Dag. Do you understand?"
    "Yes, Father."
    "Good. I don't know when I'll return but I'll contact you later." He ruffled their hair as he passed them. In the corridor he waited until he heard the locking mechanism engage then he left for the auditorium.
    Dane waited one micro-unit, then he opened the door and ran to Daria's quarters. "Daria, you have to come to our quarters. Right now!"
    "Dane, sweetie, what's wrong? Is it Dev? Is he hurt?" She knelt next to him.
    "No. No. They know you're here and they're going to search the ship, but Father has already searched our quarters. It's the only place you can hide."
    Panicking, she rose and began grabbing her belongings. "Quickly, Dane, grab the books and the discs." As he stacked them into a pile, Dev entered. "Dev, come with me."
    Going into the bedroom, Daria pulled the shirts they'd brought her from the closet. She almost missed the wig on the floor. She picked it up and handed it and the shirts to Dev. Dane stood in the doorway watching them. She smoothed the cover on the bed, then went into the bathing chamber and wiped away all evidence of her presence. As they went through the living area, she checked to make sure nothing was out of place. "Alright. Let's go." She took her notebook and several of the books from Dane and followed them to their quarters.
    It was exactly like hers except the couches were black and the carpet was a silvery-grey. Dev led her into their bedroom while Dane replaced the books and discs on the shelves where they belonged. Their room had two twin beds. She shoved her notebook under one of the mattresses.
    Dev appeared in the doorway. "Daria, I can't reach the hangers in Father's closet."
    "Alright, Dev." She followed him into his father's room. He held the shirts out to her and she replaced them on the oversized hangers. When the last one was hung up they returned to their room.
    How long would it take for them to search the starship? She couldn't stay here indefinitely. The boys sat down, one on each side of her. Their little hands patted her arms in a childish display of support. She put her arms around their shoulders and hugged them.
    "Don't worry, Daria. We won't let them hurt you," Dane said.
    She smiled at him. "I know you guys will try to protect me but I want you to promise that you won't interfere if they find me. I don't want anything to happen to either of you. Will you promise to do that?"
    They hesitated to make the promise.
    "If you won't promise, I'm going to leave and turn myself in to your father," she warned them.
    "Alright, I promise," Dev told her.
    "Me, too," he mumbled.
    "Good. Now, show me the lessons you did this afternoon."
    They hurried off to get their books. She gazed around her. This was only a short reprieve. They were still too close to Earth and it would be too easy for them to return her. She had to stay hidden for a few more cycles. Surely, there was somewhere on a ship this size where she could hide.
    When Dane returned she asked him. He thought for a moment, then he turned to Dev and whispered in his ear. Dev nodded. "There might be one place. Maybe."
    Eagerly, she leaned forward. "Where Dane?"
    "On the fourth floor. We were exploring one day and we went up there. There are some ladies there who help the warriors concentrate."
    "Concentrate?" Daria asked.
    "Yes. When they need help they go there and the ladies help them concentrate," Dane said.
    "The warriors need help to think? Why?"
    "We don't know," Dev said. "Grandfather says that sometimes a warrior needs a female to help him see things more clearly."
    She thought she was beginning to understand. Madami Valan had told her that the warriors held their females in great esteem and often turned to them for their opinions. The

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