Three Faces of West (2013)

Three Faces of West (2013) by Christian Shakespeare Read Free Book Online

Book: Three Faces of West (2013) by Christian Shakespeare Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christian Shakespeare
had to be something here, something, even a hint of whatever the murderer came for. This was a high security building, someone off the street could not just walk in and commit a crime of this magnitude, there had to be a reason somewhere.
    Clicking through all the files he eventually came across a window showing compatibility files. Engrossed in what he saw Jack did not notice that he accidently clicked the right button on the mouse which brought up an additional menu. On this menu there lay the breakthrough, a little button checked for hidden files. Playing on his instincts, West unclicked the button which changed the display immediately. Directly in front of him the window still appeared blank, for a second, then a file appeared. West clicked on it half expecting a password screen to appear, but it didn’t, the thing opened automatically. As the contents displayed in front of him, West’s eyes widened in astonishment. The contents of the file were not something he was expecting, but it was one of those pieces of political dynamite only seen by privileged eyes.
    Reading through the file was engrossing enough, only disturbed by the noise of activity in the outer office. Reactively shutting down the file as he had seen enough, West quickly moved away just in time as the wooden door swung open allowing John and Carol to re-enter the room,
    “The office is sealed off, by security. Our friend Inspector Waterson is on his way, he shouldn’t be too long.” Stated John.
    Jack looked on with a glance to suggest that is what he hoped would happen. However it could just as easily have something to do with the information he had just come across. He turned his attention back to Carol in one last attempt to gain access to the safe. He felt more confident now he had some ammunition,
    “Are you going to give us the access code to this safe?” He asked,
    Carol still dug in, stubborn as before, “No why should I?”
    “Because,” He declared, “I have come across some interesting information, regarding you.”
    Carol looked distinctively uncomfortable, as if she had been found out,
    “What sort of information?” She asked tentatively,
    “A file on Mr Finnin’s computer. A hotel booking form in his name, but with yourself as a companion.”
    Carol tried to deflect the accusation, “So, that does not mean anything.”
    West anticipated this. He knew additional info while browsing through computer files to back himself up,
    “Ah yes but you see this was for an engagement that was not scheduled on any official calendar. I came across such an itinerary while browsing through this system.”
    “So what? It is not uncommon for PA’s to accompany their boss on business trips, not all are listed, some are impromptu.” Replied Carol,
    West fired back, “But all are official.”
    Throwing Carol somewhat, the non-verbal communication between the two suggested she knew what West meant. In truth he already knew, and was using the info he obtained in a kind of blackmail,
    West continued, “Surely there should be some kind of record of any trip, even impromptu. Let’s face it if the truth doesn’t come out here, then the police will get the truth, and that will inevitably leak to the press, very embarrassing don’t you think?”
    Lowering her gave and then her head, Carol knew exactly what West was talking about, and she was aware of the consequences. West decided to capitalise on this,
    “Let’s cut to the chase, you were in fact having an affair with Mr Finnin yes? That’s what I found on the computer as a hidden file, a hotel reservation for you both, nothing in the itinerary, just another short notice official visit.”
    Carol looked at her accuser in the eye but only very briefly. West decided to go in for the kill,
    “If you divulge to me the code for this safe, this goes no further, you can deny all knowledge of the hidden file and we shall say no more about it. If not, then you can explain everything to the police.

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