Three On Three

Three On Three by Eric Walters Read Free Book Online

Book: Three On Three by Eric Walters Read Free Book Online
Authors: Eric Walters
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watched as he tossed it again. The shoe soared up into the air, bounced off the wall close to the top, then began to fall down again. Just as it reached Roy’s hand, it was snatched away by Marcus.
    â€œThese shoes are too small for you,” Marcus said.
    He handed me the shoe and I quickly stuffed it back into my pack. Roy took a step toward Marcus, stopping only a few inches away. They stood there, silently, just staring at each other.
    â€œExcuse me,” Kingsley said as he slipped in between the two of them. They both backed up slightly. “Are the two of you forgetting? If Ms. Grieve hears about a fight, you’ll both be gone from the tournament.”
    Both looked like they were thinking his words over, but neither moved.
    â€œHow about you settle it later … on the court?” Kingsley suggested.
    Both Roy and Marcus remained frozen like statues.
    â€œIs there a problem here?” We turned to see Mrs. Jackson standing on the step of her portable.
    â€œNo, ma’am …,” Kingsley said, smiling. “We’ll all just heading home. Come on, Roy,” he added, taking him by the arm and leading him away.
    Roy turned back around as he was walking. “See you later, chumps!”

Chapter 11
New Math

    It had been a terrible day. At lunch we’d played our fifth game. This time we didn’t win ugly — we lost ugly. The other team was okay, but we made them look great. Two of them were in grade five and one was in four. They had height on us and they kept passing the ball until they got a clear shot. If they missed the shot, they muscled us out for the rebound. When we got the ball, they doubled down on Marcus. When we tried to feed him the ball, theykept picking off our passes.
    But we still qualified for the playoffs the next day.
    I’d been staring at my book all through silent reading, but I hadn’t turned a single page. The words kept on blurring with my thoughts.
    A book slapped down on my desk. I was so startled I jumped slightly. I looked up at Camilla, who was standing there smiling. She was handing back our journals. The book was open to the entry I’d made right after lunch. I’d written about how bad I felt about losing the game. In red ink at the bottom of the page was Mrs. Orr’s response.
    Sorry you lost your game. You know
    sometimes 1+1+1 is less than 3. Hope
    you do better tomorrow
    Mrs. Orr
    What did that mean? That didn’t make any sense at all …
    My thought was interrupted by the bellsignaling the end of the day.
    â€œDon’t forget we have a spelling test tomorrow,” Mrs. Orr said. “Please put up your chairs and you are all dismissed.”
    The room erupted with the sounds of scraping chairs, conversation and laughter. I stayed in my seat, looking at the response in my journal.
    â€œDid you get a detention when I wasn’t looking?” Kia asked.
    â€œNo, I just wanted to ask Mrs. Orr a question. Why don’t you go and meet Marcus. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
    â€œOkay, but don’t be too long. We really do need to practice.”
    I nodded. She had no argument from me there. Kia left and I put my chair up on the desk. I wanted to wait until all the other kids had gone. Slowly I walked over to Mrs. Orr’s desk. She was marking, putting little stars in the books that were well-done. I knew I would be ‘starless’ when she got to my work. I cleared my throat.
    She looked up and gave me a puzzled look.
    â€œI was just wondering … I don’t understand what you wrote in my journal … you know … that one plus one plus one was less than three.”
    â€œI thought that might be a little confusing. But I’m sure you can figure it out if you think about it.”
    â€œI have … and I can’t.”
    â€œMaybe you have to try harder. Or maybe you should let Kia have a look at it and then have Marcus try to figure it

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