Three Weddings and a Dress

Three Weddings and a Dress by Mary Martinez Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Three Weddings and a Dress by Mary Martinez Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mary Martinez
Tags: General Fiction
walked to the edge. Cecelia’s friends began to chant her name as they banged on the table.
    Rae yelled over the din. “Go dance with him, Cecie. It’s your night.”
    Pushing away from the table, she stood. The room bucked a moment, then it finally settled back into place. Whoa, maybe she’d had a bit too much to drink.
    Oh, what the hell, wasn’t she starting a new adventure?
    Cecelia regarded the faces of her friends, and those acquaintances who’d attended her party. She raised the shot glass that had somehow found its way into her hand and downed it.
    Then very cleverly she sauntered, anyway that was her intent, to the stage steps. Carefully placing one foot after the other, she climbed to the platform and faced pretty boy.
    He wiggled his hips in her direction, and waggled his eyebrows. She could give as good as he could.
    She let her hips sway to the beat of the drums. When she reached him, she leaned in to rub her chest against his. Cecelia tried to focus, but his head swam in her vision.
    She spun until her back pressed against his body, let her spine slip down his front. Still having enough sense not to go too low, she slithered back up, as she faced the audience. Wild cheers from her party guests gave her the courage to continue.
    It could have been all the shots she’d consumed.
    Another twist brought her face to face with her partner. She threw her arms out like Zorba the Greek and shimmied against him. The sensual gleam in his eye told her he liked her moves.
    She was having fun.
    Did she dare do something brazen that would shock her friends? With as much Dutch courage as she’d had during the night the answer was a definite, yes.
    Again, she spun to face her friends. Her hand found her top button of her grey silk blouse. At first, she didn’t think her fingers would work, then the top finally loosened. Mr. Slick continued to gyrate against her from behind. In order to accommodate his moves, she gradually shuffled forward.
    The next button came undone to a chorus of catcalls. The cheers upped a notch as she undid the third one. Then she pulled her blouse tails out of her skirt to undo the last.
    Goosebumps rose on her tummy where the cool air brushed where moments before her shirt had been. The crowd went wild.
    Rae, Skye, Fanny and Joy stood on their chairs waving their hands in encouragement.
    Slick bumped his hips forward, the bulge in his speedo bumping her in the bottom. She unbuttoned the last button, and took a step forward.
    Nothing but air met her foot.
    She flapped her arms in surprise as if she might fly, and let out a squeal. Strong arms out of nowhere caught her. Startled, she stared into the face of her rescuer.
    She blinked, she couldn’t help it. Sure enough she’d seen right the first time.
    God, he was beautiful. Dark hair fell over his tanned forehead, deep green eyes.
    Weren’t most people gorgeous when you were drunk?
    “You must be the bride-to-be.” His deep velvet voice shivered over her.
    “Sort of.”
    His chuckle rumbled in his chest vibrating against her shoulder. He let her legs slide down his body until she stood, unsteadily, next to him.
    “So, Ms…”
    “Cecelia, but my friends call me Cecie.”
    “Are we going to be friends?” His deep voice floated over her in a gentle wave.
    “Yes.” Cecelia considered telling him the truth, but instead asked a question. “Do you come to Pandora’s often?”
    “Are you flirting with me?”
    Was she flirting with him? Yes, she believed she was.
    It felt good.
    “Well, do you?”
    He took her hand and led her back to her seat without replying. He smiled at the women at the table. “Here’s your bride, Fanny, you better take care of her.”
    Cecelia watched him until he disappeared around the corner, then she turned to her friend. “You know him?”
    “Yes, he’s my client. He owns Pandora’s.”
    Her glance slid back to where he’d disappeared. “I believe I’m going to like visiting this

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