To Catch a Snake: Book Three - Supernatural Bounty Hunter Romance Novellas

To Catch a Snake: Book Three - Supernatural Bounty Hunter Romance Novellas by E A Price Read Free Book Online

Book: To Catch a Snake: Book Three - Supernatural Bounty Hunter Romance Novellas by E A Price Read Free Book Online
Authors: E A Price
Tags: Literature & Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Genre Fiction, supernatural, Werewolves & Shifters, Thriller & Suspense, Occult
    She sniffed the air; hmmmm, rabbit. A few seconds later, a small rabbit shifter bustled into the room; her face was obscured by the boxes she was carrying. It was brave for a rabbit to work for a snake shifter.
    Ling moved forward and took the top box. “Here, let me help you with that.”
    “Thanks,” she said gratefully. Mia could have waited until Logan arrived; he’d have been more than happy to help, but she had been meaning to get rid of these boxes of junk for ages. They were filled with items previous customers had put up for their bail bonds. Not everyone had money to pay; some scraped together items from their homes, including TVs, blenders, a personal neck massager… Mia shuddered when she saw that.
    “Here, let’s put them over in the waiting area.”
    They dumped both boxes on the shabby couch, and Mia wiped her hands. She blinked as she studied the woman stood in front of her. She had to be Carly's friend. In truth, she had been expecting a Carly clone, all wild hair, cheeky smile and impatient attitude. While the Chinese woman stood in front of her was Carly’s age, and possessed the same curves as Carly, she was an entirely different creature.
    “Hello, I’m Ling.” She thrust out her hand, and Mia shook it.
    Ling was sleek and businesslike, without a hair or eyelash out of place. Mia faltered a little; she felt so frumpy in comparison, with her baggy shirt and crumpled skirt. If only Mia had seen her a couple of hours ago.
    “So, you’re here about the job?”
    Ling hesitated, but forced herself to speak. “Yes, I’m here to interview for it.”
    “Marcus, my uncle, should be back soon, why don’t you sit at your desk – or, what would be your desk.” Mia led her over while Ling looked at her questioningly.
    “Your uncle is a snake?” she asked in disbelief.
    “My father is too.” Mia shrugged. It was a reaction that she was used to. People still had trouble believing a rabbit had mated a snake, but they were true mates. If fate thought her parents should be together, who was anyone else to question it?
    Ling demurely sat on the chair. Her panda yapped at her. Okay, so this wasn’t so bad, and Mia seemed sweet. If she could grow up around a snake, then Ling should have no problem working with one.
    Mia offered to make her a drink, and she accepted a cup of tea.
    Ling sat, twisting her hands, impatiently waiting for the snake to arrive. It was just like a snake to think other people didn’t matter! She was thinking of the many things she didn’t like about snake shifters when Carly, Jackson and a huge bear shifter erupted through the door. Her heart almost leapt out of her chest in surprise.
    “You’re here!” squealed Carly.
    “Well, obviously,” laughed Ling.
    Carly’s eyes twinkled. “Ling, this is Logan, Logan this is Ling.”
    The bear gave her a crooked smile and bound over. He engulfed her small hand in a warm handshake.
    Carly made little cooing noises while Jackson groaned. Mmmm, the bear was nice looking, if a little large. He seemed pretty easy going, but he didn’t exactly exude confidence or power. That was what she liked; sadly both her ex-boyfriend and ex-husband had that in buckets. Ling smiled indulgently, but her panda let out a little growl of protest. This shifter wasn’t for them.
    Ling told him it was nice to meet him and settled back into her seat. Carly frowned but Ling ignored her.
    Mia came out and handed Ling her drink while giving Logan an adoring glance. Carly and Jackson seemed completely oblivious, but Ling could see the heated look Logan gave her in return. Hmmm, if she had wanted him, it looked like he was already taken anyway.
    Carly was soon distracted by something shiny. “Ooh, where did this come from?” She pulled the blender out of one of the junk boxes and started inspecting it.
    Mia pursed her lips. “It was from one of the previous skips; he was a personal trainer who attacked one of his clients. He didn’t have quite

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