To Tame A Rebel

To Tame A Rebel by Georgina Gentry Read Free Book Online

Book: To Tame A Rebel by Georgina Gentry Read Free Book Online
Authors: Georgina Gentry
mother,” Harvey reminded her as he cracked his whip at the horse. “He’s not married.”
    She could see why, she thought, remembering his stern mother, but of course she didn’t say that. It would upset Harvey. She kept watching the woods as they drove through the late afternoon. She was afraid that big warrior would appear out of nowhere and block their path. “Perhaps if we are going to travel in this area, we ought to ask for an escort of soldiers.”
    â€œI doubt we’d get them,” Harvey said. “The army seems to have a lot on its mind these days. Anyway, I carry a pistol. You’re perfectly safe with me if we’re attacked.”
    She bit her lip and didn’t answer. Somehow, she didn’t feel secure with Harvey’s protection. Not that she thought a patrol of soldiers could protect her if that big warrior decided to lift her scalp. She remembered how he had looked at her, and she shivered. “Yellow Jacket.”
    Harvey glanced over at her. “Yes, he’s dangerous-looking, isn’t he? You know, a yellow jacket is a type of aggressive wasp.”
    â€œI know. I’ll wager the name suits him.”
    Harvey swore under his breath. “He’s been on a tear ever since his brother was shot accidentally by one of the Confederate sentries.”
    â€œWhat? How awful!” Twilight jerked to look at her stepbrother.
    â€œIt was an accident. The savage was out in the night, and the sentry thought he was up to no good.”
    â€œCouldn’t he have investigated before he pulled the trigger?” She was appalled at the useless death, even if it was an Indian.
    â€œYou don’t hesitate when dealing with savages,” Harvey said. “The Indians said he was just hunting game, but who knows what he was really up to? Can’t trust Injuns. And now the dead man’s daughter has hanged herself. I reckon Yellow Jacket holds both deaths against white people, but it really isn’t our fault.”
    Twilight had a scared, sinking feeling. “You want me to go out with my small medical bag and minister to these people?”
    â€œI’m sure the major will provide you an escort,” Harvey said. “Maybe Captain Wellsley. Did I tell you he’s rich?”
    â€œYes, you did.” Twilight bit her lip. “I—I really don’t want to have to deal with savages, Harvey.”
    He glanced sideways at her as he drove. “But you must. We really need to influence the savages to keep them from going over to the Union side.”
    â€œThey can’t be so stupid as not to see through that ploy.”
    â€œBut of course they are.” Harvey sounded annoyed. “Now, do behave yourself, Twilight. You’ve never been one to be disagreeable.”
    She took a deep breath. Southern ladies did as they were told. “I—I’m sorry,” she murmured.
    Harvey smiled. “Now, that’s more like it. I understand the major will be sending you out to the Creek camp tomorrow.”
    She said nothing the rest of the way back to the store, but she had nightmares all night in which the big savage called Yellow Jacket chased her down, ripped her dress off, and had his way with her, his hot mouth on her breasts, his hands stroking her writhing body. She came awake suddenly, gasping for air, her body bathed in perspiration even though the autumn night was cool. She got no sleep the rest of the night, remembering the way the warrior had looked at her when they’d driven past him in the buggy.
    The next morning was warmer but still cool and crisp. Twilight put on her black dress and, with trembling hands, checked her medical bag. At nine o’clock, Captain Wellsley entered the trading post, took off his hat, and made a sweeping bow as Harvey introduced him. “I’m very pleased to meet you, Mrs. Dumont.”
    Twilight nodded and tried to smile. He was a handsome, yellow-haired

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