Touch of Trouble (Touch Series)

Touch of Trouble (Touch Series) by Cara Dee Read Free Book Online

Book: Touch of Trouble (Touch Series) by Cara Dee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cara Dee
clue. Why would Chelsea ask about Rio? Do they know each other? At a loss, I just show Nicholas the text, and he frowns in response.
    "We'll have to talk about that later." He nods at Aunt Mary and one of the Sarahs who are ready to start the gift exchange. Both are standing on a small dais with ten big gift baskets lined up on two tables, and as Aunt Mary addresses the crowd, Sarah holds up a glass bowl with the "lottery" numbers.
    With a family including about a hundred people, it's no wonder we don’t expect to bring home a basket, and we don’t. So, as soon as the game is over, I lean close to Nicholas and say I'm gonna go to the little girls' room. Except, I'm pretty sure he knows I'm excusing myself to go call Chelsea.
    Finding privacy in the hallway between the lobby and the elevators, I bring out my phone and click on Chelsea's name.
    "I figured you were gonna call." Nice greeting.
    Well, I'm not going to beat around the bush. "Do you know Rio?"
    "I wouldn’t go that far." She sounds nervous and uncomfortable, which is so not the Chelsea Dunn I roomed with during the three months I lived in New York a year ago. She's sexually submissive through and through, but she's also assertive and strong. Cheeky. She's got a wicked sense of humor, and she's the one who throws caution to the wind. Never one to hesitate. Being four years older than my twenty-two, she's also like a big sister to me. "Let's just say he made an impression on me—once upon a time." She clears her throat. "He's the reason I told you to visit Switch in the first place."
    That…that makes no sense. Pacing the hallway, I phrase my words and try to get all my gazillion questions in order. " Rio worked with Doctors Without Borders up until a few weeks ago. He just got home from Cambodia or something. Chelsea, he was gone for like—I don’t even know, but more than a year, and that was just the last round."
    "I know. I, uh, I found him on Facebook." There's sheepishness and guilt behind her admission. "He used it to keep in touch with his brother and parents while he was overseas."
    I chuckle awkwardly. "Stalker warning, sweetie."
    "Don’t I know it." She probably just rolled her eyes at herself. "But I swear it's not as bad as it sounds. I got curious—this was maybe…three years ago? He kept popping up in my mind, so I looked up his name and found him. That’s also where I saw some woman asking about Switch's opening on his wall." I nod to myself, knowing that Nicholas opened Switch a little over three years ago. "Since my current Dom at the time was taking me to San Francisco later that summer, I decided to visit Switch and see if Rio was there." But he hadn't been, of course.
    "Why…" I sigh and massage my forehead. "Why haven't you told me any of this before?" I just don’t get it.
    "Because I know it all sounds shifty. You said it yourself, Kayla. Stalker warning? Ugh." She groans in the background. "I honestly just wanted to find him and apologize for how we met. I was such an idiot."
    That sounds ominous . "How did you meet?"
    She releases a heavy breath. "It was almost ten years ago—he sorta introduced me to the lifestyle."
    Wait, what? "No way." I know I sound dubious, because I am. "Um, honey…ten years ago, you were sixteen. Rio was what—thirty?" Yeah, thirty. Nicholas has told me Rio turns forty in February.
    "He didn’t know I was sixteen," she admits. "Don’t worry; nothing happened. I met him at a club—a vanilla one, and I'd been using my fake ID." Oh, Chelsea. "I flirted with him, and…" She huffs a humorless chuckle. "You know I've told you I was a wild kid." That’s an understatement, but Chelsea's childhood wasn’t a nice one, so I can't blame her. I don’t blame her. "Anyway, he didn’t buy into my shit—the flirting, the skimpy outfit. Girl, I was relentless. And, I think to scare me away, he told me what he usually did with brats who needed to know their place."
    At that, I gotta giggle. Knowing Chelsea's

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