Toy Story 3

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Book: Toy Story 3 by Disney Digital Books Read Free Book Online
Authors: Disney Digital Books
Tags: Fiction - Young Adult
moonbeam and flashed the light toward the Caterpillar Room.
    Jessie saw the signal. She gave Mrs. Potato Head the sign, and Mrs. Potato Head unlocked the door.
    Jessie, Bullseye, Mrs. Potato Head, and the Aliens slipped outside. They sneaked quietly onto the playground. They had another mission to complete.
    Mr. Tortilla Head was still on the ledge when he came face to face with a pigeon. The pigeon began pecking at his tortilla.
    Mr. Tortilla Head swatted at the bird. It grabbed him and dragged him along the ledge. Finally, Mr. Tortilla Head landed a good, solid kick. The bird pecked him again, then flew off.
    “Yeah, fly away, ya coward!” Mr. Tortilla Head shook his fist. Suddenly, he fell to the ground as the tortilla split into pieces. There wasn’t enough tortilla left to keep him together! “Well, that’s great!”
    But there was enough tortilla to hold an eye and an arm together. That part got up and looked around. In a corner of the playground was a small vegetable garden.
    The eye grew wide. Vegetables! Now, that was more like it.
    Out on the playground, Jessie and the Aliens managed to get Mr. Potato Head’s body out of the sandbox. Meanwhile, Barbie had dressed up in Ken’s space suit and fooled the Bookworm into handing over the Buzz Lightyear manual. As soon as she had it, she hurried to meet up with Woody.
    Back in the Caterpillar Room, Rex and Hamm were guarding Buzz when Woody, Slinky, and Barbie dropped out of the ceiling.
    “Woody!” cried Rex.
    When Rex and Hamm stepped to the edge of the bin to greet Woody, Buzz saw his chance. He charged against the bin, knocking Rex and Hamm off balance. They fell over the edge, giving Buzz the chance to escape.
    “Stop him!” Woody cried. “Don’t let him get out!”
    Buzz raced toward the door, but Hamm and Rex tackled him. Barbie rushed over with the manual.
    “Quick,” Woody said, “open his back! There’s a switch!”
    “Unhand me, Zurg scum!” Buzz shouted as they opened his compartment. “The galactic courts will show you no mercy!”
    Woody flipped the switch on Buzz’s back, but nothing happened. “It’s not working! Why’s it not working? Where’s the manual?” he cried.
    Hamm flipped through the booklet. “Here we go! There should be a little hole under the switch!”
    “Little hole.” Woody nodded. “Got it!”
    “‘To reset your Buzz Lightyear,’” Hamm read from the manual, “‘insert paper clip.’”
    There wasn’t a paper clip in sight. “Rex,” Woody cried, “your finger!”
    “Oh!” Rex looked down. His finger was definitely small enough! He stuck it into the Reset hole.
    Woody looked up at Hamm. “Okay, now what?”
    “All right, let’s see.” Hamm turned back to the manual. “‘Caution: Do not hold button for more than five seconds.’”
    Beep! Buzz fell facedown onto the floor.
    Everyone stared at Rex. “It’s not my fault!” the dinosaur cried.
    Suddenly, Buzz leaped to his feet, knocking the toys off him. He strode forward, flipped open his wrist radio, and began speaking—in Spanish! He flashed his laser on Woody. “¿Amigo o enemigo?” he asked.
    “Uh . . . amigos!” Woody said. That was one word he knew. It was Spanish for “friend.” “We’re all amigos!”
    Buzz walked over and kissed Woody on both cheeks. Then he wandered off, continuing to mutter in Spanish.
    A toy truck rumbled on the other side of the door.
    “We don’t have time for this!” Woody hissed. “Come on, El Buzzo!” He grabbed Buzz by the hand and dragged him toward the playground door. They had to keep going. They would have to fix Buzz later!

J essie, Bullseye, the Aliens, and Mrs. Potato Head were waiting on the playground when Woody and the rest of the gang finally caught up.
    “What took you so long?” Jessie asked.
    “Things got complicated,” Woody told her. “Where’s Potato Head?”
    “We haven’t seen him!” Jessie was saying, when suddenly, Buzz fell to his knees in front of her, completely

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