Traded by Lorhainne Eckhart Read Free Book Online

Book: Traded by Lorhainne Eckhart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lorhainne Eckhart
Tags: Sagas, Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction
letting her out first.
    “I parked around the corner. Was actually on my way back to my truck when I ran into you.” He glanced down at her pumps, the three-inch heels her feet were starting to ache from. “You okay to walk a few blocks in those?”
    “Right as rain. I’m a girl who loves heels. I have no problem walking a few more blocks.”
    It was really hot outside, and she was glad she’d worn her white sleeveless blouse. At the same time, she was glad she’d left her legs bare. She could feel his attention on her, the glances down as they walked. There was something about a man’s attention that made her feel good.
    His SUV was parked on the side of the street, and he opened the door again for her, touching her elbow as he helped her in. She slid onto the leather seat and shut her door. The girl he was still pining over was such an idiot. Chris wished it was her Jake was pining for. To have a man love her that much was all she wanted.
    “So where to first?” she asked, unable to think of what to say when he started the SUV.
    He pulled out into traffic, driving with ease, a man in control, in charge. He lifted a folded paper from the console and handed it to her. “There are two condo listings there. The realtor is meeting me at four thirty a few blocks from here. The other is across town. Would be a commute, but she says it’s worth it. We’ll see. So how have you been?”
    “Good, I’m good. You?”
    “Great.” He didn’t add anything.
    This was going to be awkward. She wanted to ask about the girl who had him so twisted up inside, but at the same time she didn’t want to know. “So we’re just two lost souls looking for a place for you to live.”
    He actually smiled, something genuine. He had a really nice smile. “You surprise me, Chris.” He shook his head. “You’re a breath of fresh air.”
    “Well, I try to be.”
    He slowed down and signaled, looking out her side. “I think this might be it.”
    Chris checked the address on the paper and noted the big block lettering on the side of the condo building. It was concrete and glass, nice. There was even a doorman out front. “Wow, looks nice from the outside.”
    Jake pulled up in front and climbed out. He said something to the doorman, who hurried over and opened Chris’s door. “This is it. The realtor’s already here.” He held out his hand, and she slipped hers into it. He didn’t let her hand go right away. His was large and warm and so male. She trembled and then worried whether he’d noticed.
    “What floor?” Had her voice squeaked?
    He winked at her. “Eighteenth. Come on, this will be fun.”

Chapter 9
    Jake really wasn’t in much of a mood to go apartment hunting. He hated it. It was just one of those things he needed to do, as he couldn’t live in a hotel forever. Although it was comfortable, he needed to have his own place. Having Chris tag along actually made the mundane task much more enjoyable. What surprised him more than anything was how much he enjoyed being around her. Not only was she easy on the eyes and easy to talk to, she seemed to understand him in a way no one else had. And she made him feel good. That wasn’t something a woman had done in a long time.
    They’d looked at both condos that had been lined up by the realtor, and each two-bedroom condo was different. One was older and furnished in earth tones, fifteen hundred square feet, with a nice walk-in kitchen, two full bathrooms, and underground parking. The second, which the realtor saved for last, was farther away, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, a penthouse with a chef’s kitchen, a walk-in shower Jake could have had a party in, and a private gym downstairs with an indoor lap pool. Unfortunately, it was unfurnished, which meant buying furniture, which wasn’t something he was too keen on doing.
    “So which one are you thinking of taking? They’re both nice, but…” Chris prodded him from where she was belted in on the passenger side.

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