Trading Secrets

Trading Secrets by Jayne Castle Read Free Book Online

Book: Trading Secrets by Jayne Castle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jayne Castle
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Regency
shifting, and he wasn’t quite sure how to keep them in order.
    Drinking his whiskey in an expensive hotel bar had been one way of pretending he wasn’t losing ground. Hotels were careful to maintain a pleasant illusion, he’d discovered. They knew how to avoid that seedy touch that could creep so easily into one’s surroundings down here. More and more Matt was aware of having to keep the seediness at bay.
    He frowned as he watched Sabrina swim close to the edge of the reef and wondered if she knew how sharp sections of the underwater barrier were. A careless movement could leave a neat slash down the length of an arm or leg. Just like a knife wound.
    Sabrina would probably also not be too interested in hearing that warning, either. Matt’s mouth turned downward sardonically. The image of the knife sizzling past him and burying itself in the corridor outside her room was one that would haunt him for a long time. He’d argued with women before, but he’d never come quite that close to losing so badly. All in all it was probably the most interesting thing that had happened to him in months.
    No, not quite, he corrected himself. The most interesting event had taken place just before the knife-throwing scene when he’d been about to make love to Sabrina Chase. Perhaps he should rephrase that; when he had been about to have sex with Sabrina Chase.
    That still wasn’t right, but somehow, even in his laconically honest mood this morning, Matt was having a tough time admitting that he had almost tried to rape a woman the previous evening. The part of him that had once respected the phrase an officer and a gentleman preferred not to have to cope with the reality of last night.
    The realization that he’d been a prize ass had hit him during the last few moments of the struggle. He’d known then that he’d thrown away the chance at something good; something unique.
    Another brilliant Matt August snafu. Situation normal, all fucked up.
    The question that had been hammering at him relentlessly since he’d left the hotel flashed into his head once more. What would it have been like if he hadn’t screwed up last night?
    Christ, what an idiot he’d been. If only she’d calmed down a bit there at the end. If she hadn’t gotten hold of the knife, and if her temper hadn’t exploded so suddenly, he could have put everything right. He was certain of it. The next time he held Sabrina Chase in his arms he wouldn’t let her go until he’d wiped away the memory of last night.
    Idly he gnawed on his lower lip, watching her dart back to the surface for more air. The next time was going to take some arranging. Sabrina probably had plans never to speak to him again, much less get close enough for him to get his hands on her.
    He watched her slip through the water and remembered with painful clarity how she had slipped into his hands and out of them again because of his own stupidity. Jesus, she’d felt good under him last night. Like a sensuous little cat, all soft and neatly made, from her delicate breasts to the luscious curve of her bottom. And those smoky green eyes. He’d remember the changing expressions in those incredible eyes for a long time.
    He’d certainly made life more difficult for himself, Matt thought with an inner groan. Sabrina wasn’t going to have any problem finding another male on whom to practice her approach. Something told him he hadn’t deflected her from her ultimate goal. When she got over her shock and anger she would probably be hell bent to try her tactics again, if only to prove to herself that she could do it right. Matt understood that need to prove something to yourself.
    Grimly he rose from squatting position and started down the cliff trail. The knife was safely tucked inside his boot again this morning and the lightweight stone-colored slacks he wore fell neatly over the top of the leather sheath. He’d picked up his laundry earlier from the little shop that catered to the few tourists like

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