TRAPPED (Breaking Free Book 2)

TRAPPED (Breaking Free Book 2) by C S Court Read Free Book Online

Book: TRAPPED (Breaking Free Book 2) by C S Court Read Free Book Online
Authors: C S Court
    Lottie jumps up, muttering something about food as she runs from the room. I t’ s like she was seeking any excuse to escape, and I ca n’ t really blame her, i t’ s bloody awkward in here.
    “I’ m sorry baby, I’ m tired and worried about you. I t’ s hard to know what to say to you around your friend at the moment. The last thing I want to do is upset you, and I’ ve been a bit of an arse hole today . ” He rubs his hand down his face, looking mentally and physically drained .“ Do you want anything? Are you comfortable ? ”
    I sigh ,“ Yes, I do. I want everyone to stop walking on egg shells around me, I’ m fine, a little worse for wear, but fine! And more than anything, I want you to get some rest, you look exhausted . ”
He guffaws, shaking his head at me .“ Oh do n’ t hold anything back now will you? I’ ll rest a bit later when you rest, everything is still too fresh in my mind . ” He looks like a tortured soul, and I feel guilty, and terrible for what hunter has been through to get me back because of Dan.
    “ Why do n’ t you just lie down? I ca n’ t go anywhere, Lottie is grabbing me some food, and there is nothing else I need other than to see you relax. You being on edge is making me on edge. Please ? ” I throw him my best puppy dog eyes and pat the bed beside me, I do n’ t want to give him mixed signals, but I also want him with me, beside me. I’ m so screwed.
    “ Okay, but the second you want something, or anything is wrong you wake me..okay ? ”
    “ Okay . ” I say on a smug smirk.
    Hunter lies beside me and helps lower me in to a lying down position. Although my actions are probably giving him completely mixed signals, when I myself, do n’ t even know how I am going to react to our little chat, I ca n’ t help but pick up his hand and entwine our fingers across my lower tummy. Hunter in turn, moves on to his side and wraps his arms gently around me.
    We lie like this for several minutes, enjoying each othe r’ s presence and the comfort it brings before we both fall asleep.

    I awake with my girl, our arms and legs entwined and sweating like a s.o.b. For the first time since she was taken, I feel at peace. Watching my angel sleep in my arms is above and beyond the best feeling I have ever felt. After all the years of crap I had thrown my way, I finally have something in my life worth fighting for, and I’ m fucked if I’ m going to let an ex-wife who screwed me over ruin it for me. Not happening.
    I untangle myself carefully, so as not to wake Connie or hurt her any more than she already is, and go about doing my morning routine of showering, dressing and checking through work correspondence.
    Seven phone calls and twenty one emails later, I conclude that my businesses are being well run for the time being, and if anything comes up my staff can handle it, or call me as and when needed.
    I chase up Harry, feeling deflated when he confirms my suspicions, the bastards hiding and hiding well. Still, Dan has to surface at some point and they will be ready and waiting for when he does. I refused to allow any of Harr y’ s men to talk to Connie, unless they felt it was necessary to where he may be located at present. She has been under enough stress, and I just want her to forget about Dan and leave him up to the professionals. If they do their job properly there is no need for her to see or hear from ever again. Until then, she is to be watched 24/7.
    I set to work, making Connie a sausage and cheese bagel and a tall glass of fresh orange. She needs to build up her strength if sh e’ s to have her children with her later, not that I plan on leaving her alone, I just know she is going to want to be able to spend as much time as she can with them, without feeling drained.
    I still ca n’ t believe it, that wanker Dan managed to get away. It makes no sense, these are highly trained professionals, the best of the best,

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