Trust (Chasing Shadows)

Trust (Chasing Shadows) by Mia Fox Read Free Book Online

Book: Trust (Chasing Shadows) by Mia Fox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mia Fox
doing here?”
    “Happy to see me?”
    I don’t know why I was being a smart-ass, answering her question with a question. Except perhaps for the unmistakable truth that my words actually echoed how I felt. She was gorgeous, liked to hike, moved like a gazelle and if it weren’t for the fact that her mental stability was in question, I’d say she was near perfect.
    But she just stared at me.
    “Sorry,” I recovered my professionalism. “I’m your physician. Ethan.”
    “Dr. Ethan?”
    “Dr. Feinfield, but we’ve already met so I figured...” I let my voice trail off because I was definitely acting like a lovesick school boy in front of her. Something about the way she took in my gaze, as if she were the one trying to size me up and determine my competency, made my conversation run amok.
    “Well doctor...” she said pointedly, “when may I go home?”
    “Just need to do some evaluations first. A few simple questions and then we can arrange your discharge and our follow-up sessions.”
    “What follow-up sessions?”
    The subsequent news that her work was insisting on regular psych sessions before she could return didn’t go over well.
    The sarcasm dripped from her mouth. “Goody. Just the news I was waiting for.”
    I immediately knew that I had found my intellectual match.
    She later commented about my age and even asked if I was old enough to shave. Yeah, I was old enough, all right. Old enough to know what love was and after spending more time with Ella, I knew that I could fall for her...if I let myself.
    But helping her was the priority. Her needs were more important than my desires. I knew that deep inside, she was a survivor and she wanted to live. She may have been sent for therapy on the “watch list” as they say, a suicide threat. But I never wrote that up in my report about her. Was she grieving for Nate? Yes. Was she a threat to herself? At the time, absolutely not.
    What she needed were coping mechanisms. Being out here, this might be how she thought she was going to come to terms with her past and figure out her future, but this is where I came in. I was here to help her find her way back. Maybe that future included me, and right or wrong, I hoped with all my heart that it did. Still, even without Ella in my life, I was committed to her. She was my patient first and I was going to help her.

Chapter 16 - Nate
    Ella finally let me into her thoughts and that was all I needed to return to her. She looked small and frail sitting alone on a thin stretch of ground that couldn’t even be considered a trail. Holding her arms and gently rocking back and forth, I could tell the night air was making her cold. The minute I took a step closer she turned and when she saw me, her smile instantly appeared.
    “Hi Honey,” I said and held my arms out to her, wanting to hold her and keep her warm.
    She ran at me with a force like a gale wind and gave a little jump when we were near, her legs wrapping around my waist and her arms around my neck. I held her, loving the feel of holding her again, until I discovered just how cold her skin felt.
    “Ella, you’re freezing. And what’s this?” My finger touched a small, but deep cut against her forehead. “And your’s a mess.”
    “I’m okay. Now.”
    “What happened?”
    “I just took a little tumble,” she said and motioned to the mountain with its rocks that jutted out at obscure angles and farther drops still below us.
    “You didn’t,” I said, my heart plummeting into my stomach. “You could’ve been killed. I should’ve been here, but...”
    “Don’t. I’m fine. I was a little stunned, but I’m okay now. I got lucky and landed on a patch of grass. Besides, I don’t want you to blame yourself. I’m not your responsibility.”
    Her words were true, but they pained me. As much as I wanted to take care of her every second of the day, I couldn’t. Just like I couldn’t be here for her when I was stationed

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