Trust Me: The Lassiter Group, Book 1

Trust Me: The Lassiter Group, Book 1 by Sydney Somers Read Free Book Online

Book: Trust Me: The Lassiter Group, Book 1 by Sydney Somers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sydney Somers
one fluid motion.
    If she’d been banking on Lucas being distracted by the sight of a little skin, she would have been sorely disappointed. His eyes never left hers.
    At least there was no question about him being a professional. Only the mission-focused type wouldn’t sneak a peek, which made her feel less optimistic about her odds of ditching him in the very near future. She would have felt much better if he’d shown a little interest in her navy push-up bra.
    Sherri had insisted she splurge on something when they’d gone shopping last week. New lingerie was something every woman needed, even murder suspects, apparently.
    “Are you gay?”
    Lucas frowned. “What?”
    She cocked her head as though sizing him up. “Are you gay? Just wondering if that’s why you really want my sweater.”
    “I’m not gay.” He sounded both amused and a little confused.
    She shrugged and handed him the sweater. “Whatever.”
    “I’m not gay,” he insisted.
    Max hid her smile by turning her face to the window. “If it makes you feel any better, I’m completely comfortable around gay men. My cousin is gay. He and his partner got married last year. Cute couple. He did have a hard time coming out of the closet though.”
    Without warning, Lucas jerked her toward him, his palms warming her skin as though he were branding her with his touch. Hot, green eyes burned into hers, daring her to pull away, daring her not to. Seconds ticked by until her lungs ached to drag in the breath trapped between her throat and her chest.
    Thirty seconds ago this was the exact response she would have taken advantage of, but with his hands on her, his thumb sweeping across her skin, she couldn’t stop thinking about how long it had been since any man had touched her, caressed her.
    And the lazy brush of his thumb—god, she never had to work so hard to suppress a shiver in her life—was definitely a caress.
    Except it was all wrong. The time, the place, the guy. That still didn’t stop the heat that simmered in her stomach when Lucas’s gaze dropped to her mouth and then lower, to her breasts. Like the half-starved traitors they were, her nipples hardened at the hunger that flashed across his face.
    Slowly, he raised his head. “I am not gay.” Deep and loaded with enough delicious intent to worry her, his voice managed to drag her attention from his lips to his eyes.
    “Should I put together a press release?”
    His expression darkened and her heart kicked against her ribs—in preparation of going head-to-head with him or kissing him?
    So caught up in her growing awareness of Lucas and the fact that she’d succeeded in rattling him, she failed to notice the handcuff until he’d shackled her to the steering wheel.
    Sneaky son of a bitch.
    With a sound of disgust, she tested the give of the cuffs, more than a little annoyed with herself, then inched over as much as she could.
    Lips pressed in a pained line, Lucas tugged on her sweater. The fuzzy pink fabric stretched taut across his chest and fell just past his elbows.
    “I was wrong,” Max corrected. “Pink is so your color, girlfriend.”
    Lucas scowled at her, then grabbed a napkin from the console under the radio. Next he grabbed the half empty bottle of water on the floor by her feet and cleaned the dried blood off his face.
    “I’ll be right back, and seeing as how I’ll be able to see every move you make through that window, I suggest you be a good girl."
    Max resisted the urge to kick him in the ass when he climbed out. Better that than the thoughts she’d been entertaining when he’d put his hands on her. He checked the safety on her gun and tucked it into the side pocket of his cargo pants, leaving his own weapon at the small of his back.
    After one last look over his shoulder, he walked toward the motel’s office.
    Max waited until he was halfway to the door then used her foot to feel around on the floor for her bag. Not there. Damn.
    Under the seat maybe? Not wanting to

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