Two Mates for a Magistrate

Two Mates for a Magistrate by Scarlet Hyacinth Read Free Book Online

Book: Two Mates for a Magistrate by Scarlet Hyacinth Read Free Book Online
Authors: Scarlet Hyacinth
Tags: Gay, Romance MM, erotic MM
“What?” Did they mean Joseph? Fritz had known Joseph was involved with some pretty bad stuff, but he’d never expected to be swept in, especially not now that they were no longer an item. “The guy I ran into?” When his interrogator nodded, Fritz continued, “Just my ex. Joseph Garou. And no, I don’t know where he’s gone. I thought he left town a year ago.”
    His first attacker looked thoughtful. “So you don’t know anything special about him? Anything at all?”
    Fritz shook his head. Joseph had always been secretive, and Fritz allowed it, since he himself liked his privacy.
    The second man sighed. “Well, it can’t be helped now. We were instructed to watch over you, but it seems you’ve attracted some unwanted attention.”
    “Watch over me?” Fritz repeated. “Look, I don’t know who you think you are, but I can take care of myself just fine, thank you.”
    “I don’t think so,” the irritating stranger replied. “You’ll have to come with us.”

    Two Mates for a Magistrate

    * * * *

    Dietrich fully intended to leave Trier. He’d meant to keep his distance from Fritz and allow his mate to live a fulfilling life and find a human to love. But for all his good intentions, he hadn’t been unable to go through with it. How could he just abandon the other half of his soul? All day, the doubt lingered within him, until at last, he decided to watch over Fritz from afar.
    He’d left his rented room and headed toward the construction site, hoping to catch at least a brief glimpse of his mate. Fritz would be leaving for his workplace at this hour. A weird melancholic excitement filled him, the desire to look into Fritz’s beautiful eyes so strong it almost made him keel over.
    He quickened his pace, for once thankful Trier was the size of a handkerchief, especially when compared to all the other cities Dietrich had seen. He wished he could show Fritz the world, or rather, see it together with him. Dietrich had never found peace, no matter where he’d gone. But he knew it would have been so different with Fritz.
    He was deep in his dream when the surprise and hostility hit him.
    He couldn’t sense fear, not exactly, but rather anger, apprehension, and confusion. Someone had attacked his mate.
    Terror coursed through Dietrich. Even if they didn’t have a bond, he could already feel Fritz so clear in his mind. And there was something else, something skirting the recesses of his mind. It felt familiar, but Dietrich couldn’t quite identify it. He pushed aside the unknown sensation and rushed in the direction of the construction site.
    Halfway there, he found his mate in an alley, surrounded by two suspicious individuals. The wolf inside him emerged, controlled only by the fact that Fritz seemed unharmed. Its instincts identified its 42
    Scarlet Hyacinth
    enemies as other beasts, and possessiveness mixed with anger in Fritz’s chest.
    “Dietrich?” his mate asked. He sounded lost, completely confused, but otherwise unhurt.
    “Are you okay?” Dietrich asked.
    His voice came out as a low growl that, in any other circumstances, would have concerned him. He became a bit more in control when Fritz nodded, but the beast within still wanted to tear apart its enemies. Dietrich directed a glare at the two men. “Get away from him, if you want to live.”
    One of the strange wolves, a handsome blond, took a step forward. “We don’t mean any harm to you or your mate. Calm down.”
    Calm down? Dietrich wanted to laugh. How could he calm down when they’d attacked Fritz? He had no intentions to negotiate, or anything along that line. They’d committed a serious mistake in messing with him.
    The blond was close to him, and the wolf inside Dietrich grasped the occasion. Dietrich found himself turning, until his vision became monochrome and he fell on four paws on the ground. The sudden change between forms should have startled him. In the back of his mind, he felt odd, unfamiliar with his own body.

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