Two Times as Hot

Two Times as Hot by Cat Johnson Read Free Book Online

Book: Two Times as Hot by Cat Johnson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cat Johnson
you’re done with your pa, that
    “What kind of dance will we be doing? Western line dancing? The Texas Two-Step?” Yeah,
     she was giving him a good dose of New York attitude, but he deserved it. She couldn’t
     have him getting too confident. He wasn’t out of the woods yet. Not by a long way.
    “First of all, we’re in Oklahoma, not Texas. And second, real cowboys don’t line dance.
     We like to dance nice and close. Close enough to polish our belt buckles.” He winked
     at her. “Here’s your sister with your drink. Excuse me while I go grab myself another
    Cowboy to the bone, Jace tipped his hat and spun on one boot heel to make his way
     toward the bar. Emma blew out a breath. So much for keeping her resolve to not give
     in to this particular cowboy’s charms.
    “So? Tell me everything.” Becca thrust one wine glass toward Emma and kept the other
     for herself. “Why did Jace look so happy?”
    “He asked me to be his date to the wedding.”
    “I said yes.” Emma sighed and wondered if she’d made the right choice. She hadn’t
     exactly taught him a lesson. When it came to men and playing this whole dating game,
     she stunk.
    “Good.” Becca broke into a wide grin, her voice high the way it used to be when she
     was little and excited. “Oh my God. Imagine if you and Jace hit it off! You could
     move here. You two could get married. We could buy houses next door to each other
     and have our kids at the same time.”
    “Whoa. Wait a minute. Don’t put the cart before the horse. First of all, I’m not looking
     for anything serious this weekend. Second, I still have many, many doubts about the
     relationship potential of that one.” Grave doubts after last year’s encounter.
    If Jace could keep his butt, and his other parts, in the same room as Emma without
     running off, which had yet to be proven, then maybe they could have one hot night
     together. But a long-term relationship? Probably not. It would depend on whether he
     was ready for commitment again after his last relationship, and she seriously had
     concerns about that.
    “All right.” Becca sighed. “I won’t start looking at apartments for you quite yet.”
    “Yeah. Good idea.” Emma laughed. She turned and noticed Tucker was on his way over
     with Logan.
    Damn, Logan was handsome. Tara’s schoolgirl crush on the man might make him ineligible
     for Emma’s amorous pursuits for the weekend, but she could still appreciate him as
     a fine male specimen. Not just his rugged good looks, but his entire demeanor. He
     oozed testosterone.
    Logan. Jace. Tucker. Oklahoma was full of gorgeous men, but they weren’t model perfect.
     They were manly men, all tanned and toned. Their bodies were firm, not flabby, and
     from honest hard work, not the gym.
    With a flutter low in her belly as Tucker and Logan got closer, Emma once again had
     to appreciate the differences between the men she was used to in New York and the
     ones here. Maybe she should take a quick look at the Help Wanted and the Apartments for Rent listings in the local paper. Just to see.
    “Hey, baby.” Tucker reeled Becca in with one arm around her shoulders and brushed
     his lips across her forehead. “I wanted to introduce Emma to Logan.”
    Logan didn’t wait for the introduction. Emma found herself captured in his intense
     brown gaze even before Tucker made it official. He didn’t break eye contact. Not when
     he extended his hand to shake hers. Not as his deep, warm voice washed over her as
     he said, “Very nice to meet you, Emma.”
    The sound of her name on his lips sent a thrill through her. “Pleasure’s all mine.
     I’ve heard a lot about you.”
    One dark brow rose. “I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Perhaps we need to discuss
     it, in case I need to redeem myself.”
    Oh, she could definitely discuss it and more. She’d do anything to keep Logan talking
     to her. Looking at her. Touching her would be nice,

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