Uncut (Unexpected Book 4)

Uncut (Unexpected Book 4) by Claudia Burgoa Read Free Book Online

Book: Uncut (Unexpected Book 4) by Claudia Burgoa Read Free Book Online
Authors: Claudia Burgoa
I push deeper inside his mouth as his finger penetrates me. I want to push my ass toward it, beg him to finish what he began in the elevator, but I can’t while I’m fucking his mouth. Damn, my entire body is begging for him to throw me from the ledge. I want to fall, I want to fly.
    “Take me,” I cry out as he pushes another finger inside me, his tongue swirling around my dick. His tongue stops the assault as his mouth sucks me and he takes me all the way down his throat. “Don’t stop, never stop.”
    He doesn’t stop, but his mouth slows its tantalizing pace. The lazy, strokes match the penetration of his fingers. He’s tormenting me from both sides. Those cobalt eyes find mine and I notice a crinkle at their edges. Fuck, he’s enjoying this. He releases my cock and his tongue licks it while reaching my balls. He licks them first, then sucks each sac while his fingers continue fucking me, and just as I’m about to fall from the edge, his mouth captures my cock again. My balls tighten as my release shoots inside his mouth with a force I’ve never felt before.
    Matthew continues sucking my cock while I’m trying to recover my breath and slow my heart rate. When he finishes, he shifts slightly and his face is now close to mine. That lazy smile appears along with his dimple.
    “Next time you feel uneasy, call me,” he says, giving me a peck on the lips.
    I struggle to catch my breath. “I . . . Yes. Can we keep it between us?” I ask, more like beg.
    His answering light smile gives me some hope. “For now, yes, I can do that. I’ll give you some time to come to terms . . .”
    Come to terms? Fuck, in the past fourteen years I haven’t come to terms with anything. An old familiar panic surges through my body. Fuck I want that thick, long cock inside me, but for how long can I keep this up?

“T hank you for helping me tonight, Matt,” I say, while closing the safe with tomorrow’s deposit.
    As I turn my attention to him, his cocky gaze is fixated on me. Damn, I want him to kiss me again. Maybe fool around with him. Shit, I sound like a teenager, but the thought of being with Matt . . . My heart thunders against my ribcage and my breath hitches at the mere thought. Perhaps soon I can take a huge step—with him. One I haven’t taken since . . . since Blake.
    “Come home with me, Tristan.” He steps closer placing a soft kiss on my lips. “I want a taste of you, baby, to make you mine.”
    My eyes widen as my body freezes. “It’s been a long time, Matt. I’m not sure if . . .” Sounding stupid, I trail my words and my gaze.
    He cups my face with both hands. “You haven’t had sex lately?” I shake my head. “When was the last time?” He crooks an eyebrow.
    “Almost a year—with a woman,” I confess.
    “And a man?”
    I can’t meet his eyes, but I won’t lie to him either. “You know the shit that goes through my head, Matt.” I scratch the back of my neck. “Just once, I’ve only let one man take me. Since then I take care of it myself.”
    His hands knit through my hair. He lowers his lips touching mine. This kiss is soft, slow, and dare I say sweet. No man has ever kissed me the way he’s doing, as if baring my soul, while promising that he’ll take care of me. And with that kiss I let him take me for a late dinner, knowing that I’m safe with him.
    After dinner, I agree to come with Matt to his family home in Santa Barbara. He has the power to convince me to do pretty much anything he wants. The dark night doesn’t allow me to appreciate the home. As we enter the house through the garage door, I only set foot on the hallway that leads to a set of stairs, and the powder room.
    After washing my hands I make my way toward the illuminated foyer, but the softly played melody stops me. It comes from the second door on the right, so I walk in the direction of the music. Matt sits behind an elegant, black grand piano. His head sways, his eyes are closed, and his hands

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