Under a Graveyard Sky-eARC

Under a Graveyard Sky-eARC by John Ringo Read Free Book Online

Book: Under a Graveyard Sky-eARC by John Ringo Read Free Book Online
Authors: John Ringo
Tags: Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal, Urban
10-28, fight or disturbance. Whatever, things were picking up and here he was dealing with…well he wasn’t sure what he was dealing with. The call had been 10-66: suspicious person. The people just seemed to be loading a boat. But according to the neighbor who had called it in, the house connected to the dock was in foreclosure and nobody was supposed to be using the property. And the car, with badly secured materials on the roof, had been hanging around the neighborhood for nearly an hour.
    “Loading my boat, Officer Young,” Steve said.
    “This is private property and according to the neighbors not your property,” Young said. “Which means you are trespassing, sir.”
    “A valid position, Officer Young,” Steve said. “The dock was convenient and the property is clearly not being used. It was, at best, a minor transgression and we’ll be gone within the hour.”
    “Mind if I see some ID, sir?” Young asked. “You’re not American. Irish?”
    “Australian,” Steve said, pulling out his driver’s license and trying not wince. Americans could never sort out Commonwealth accents. “And I’m a naturalized American citizen. Not a resident. I have a passport, American, as well.”
    “Says here you live in Warrentown,” Young said. Which matched the plates on the Nissan.
    “Yes, Officer,” Steve said, politely. “The address is correct.”
    “Mind if I see your registration and proof of insurance?” Young asked.
    “Of course,” Steve said, turning around.
    “Before you open the car,” Young said. “Are there any weapons in the vehicle?”
    “Ah,” Steve said, turning back to face the officer. “I was wondering when we’d get to that part. Yes, as a matter of fact. They are all in locked cases in the rear. My wife and I also have CCLs but we are not, at this point, carrying.”
    “Okay,” Young said, his brow furrowing. “All?”
    “There are quite a few,” Steve said. “Would you like to see? They’re rather buried still. We were loading from the trolley first.”
    “Sorry,” Steve said, too calmly, “trailer.”
    Young looked at the ladies continuing to load the boat. They didn’t look as if they were preparing for a trip to the Carribean. They looked nervous. And this cat was just too calm.
    “Don’t open the vehicle,” Young said. “Please do not approach the vehicle. I need to talk to the ladies.”
    Steve started to open his mouth to ask why, then just nodded.
    “As you prefer, Officer.”
    * * *
    “Officer, sorry about this,” Stacey said as the cop walked over. “I know we’re sort of trespassing but the house is empty. It looks like it’s in foreclosure. And it was so convenient to load! I’m really sorry but we won’t be long.”
    She didn’t do bimbo well but she was going to give it her best shot.
    “There are marinas for that sort of thing, ma’am,” the officer said. “Everything else okay?”
    “Yes?” she asked, looking past the cop to Steve and trying to catch a clue. “What do you mean?”
    “Are you under any form of duress?” the officer asked. “I mean, is this your idea? Are you okay, ma’am?”
    “I’m fine,” Stacey said, frowning. “We’re fine. We just want to get loaded and off to sea!”
    “And you are married to Mister…Sorry, what was the name again?” he asked, glancing at Steve’s license.
    “Oh,” Stacey said, laughing. “You mean Steven John Smith, my husband of seventeen years? Would you like to meet our two children, Sophia Lynn and Faith Marie? Yes, he’s my husband, these are our children and we’re all real people.”
    “May I see some identification, ma’am?” the officer asked.
    “It’s in my purse in the car…”
    “Which I’d like to hold off opening until I’ve examined the weapons inside,” the officer said.
    “You’re in for a treat then,” Faith said, stopping. “What’s this about?”
    “Just keep loading, Faith,” Stacey said.
    “What?” Faith said. “While you and

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