Under By Treaty (SciFi Romance)

Under By Treaty (SciFi Romance) by Kayla Stonor Read Free Book Online

Book: Under By Treaty (SciFi Romance) by Kayla Stonor Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kayla Stonor
in the hot air.
    She walked naked through her bedroom, humming as she chose fresh clothing. A tingling sensation made her turn and check Jaden. He was watching her. His stint in the cage hadn’t lessened those unruly pheromones. The man positively reeked of arousal, and it was all she could do to keep from attacking him.
    He seemed clueless to his effect on her. These primitive primates had no idea they sent out chemical signatures of their every emotion. It’s a wonder they ever evolved to become the dominant species of a planet.
    “Do you like what you see?” she asked him.
    “You ’re more human-looking than most K’lahn. I can hardly see any of the scales, it’s all… shimmery.”
    “Don ’t evade my question, Jaden.”
    He sighed. “ You can probably sense that I do, why force me to admit what you already know?”
    “ Answer the question.” She opened a closet and selected a whipping cane. When she pulled it out, his expression darkened.
    “I like what I see.”
    She put the cane back. “Very wise.”
    Undecided over what to wear, she pulled on a simple robe, and tied it around her waist. When she looked at him again, his eyes were shut and his breathing was the sound of deep sleep, his heartbeat slow and steady. His pheromonal assault on her senses had subsided. She picked up her wet clothing and disposed of it down a chute. Now she could stop watching over him so closely, she decided to catch up on reports from the Empire in her main quarters. Settling in front of her console, she browsed the numerous activities ongoing throughout the Empire and filed her comments.
    She sat thinking. “Captain?”
    The ship passed her comment through Communications.
    “Please route the ship to the D’ron system. I have Qui business to attend to there.”
    “Immediately, Ambassador.”
    “Oh, and Markl, Jaden is now asleep on my bed.”
    “ That was a close call, Ambassador. However, I still claim my evening.”
    “I have warned him .”
    “I thank you, Ambassa dor.”
    “ I may have exaggerated your cruelty a little. We will discuss boundaries when the time comes. He will not be ready for a while. Sonil, out.”
    Her sharp ears detected movement. She rose to her feet and padded across to the bedroom. Jaden was sitting up. His apprehensive glance created a strange sensation in her belly.
    “Are you hungry?” she asked him.
    He nodded. “Thirsty, too.”
    Sonil moved to the panel by her bed and pressed a button. “All the controls are keyed to my DNA and voice. Unauthorized use will be strictly punished.”
    “Thereby keeping me dependent on you.”
    She backhanded him, a swinging blow that caught him unawares and sent him flying across the bed.
    He lay there stunned, the towel tangled in his legs. Then his hand wiped blood off his lower lip. He tasted the cut. His eyes flashed anger. The general was back with something to say.
    “I can have you back in the cage in a second, Jaden. Feel free to test me.”
    He mulled his chances over then shook his head.
    “Good.” Sonil walked over to a drawer and pulled it open. She lifted out a pair of black thongs with a wide band that hung low on the hips. She threw them at him. “You will wear these.”
    He picked them up, looked at them in distaste, but pulled them on. His arms were visibly shaking from the exertion and his legs didn ’t hold him up for long. She walked over to him with a matching wrap. She pulled him to his feet then tied it around his hips. It just covered his cock and behind. She reached down and fondled his balls until they firmed in her hands.
    “ Much better,” Sonil whispered. She heard the sounds of food being delivered. “Can you walk?” He nodded, his jaw tense, and her eyebrows lifted. “If you don’t make it to the table, I will cane you.”
    She saw fear hit him. He could barely stand. Understanding dawned in his eyes. “You want complete honesty,” he stated.
    “Your training depends on it.”

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