Under the Winter Sun (Elemental Enchanters Series Book 3)

Under the Winter Sun (Elemental Enchanters Series Book 3) by Carrigan Richards Read Free Book Online

Book: Under the Winter Sun (Elemental Enchanters Series Book 3) by Carrigan Richards Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carrigan Richards
    She bit back angry words. Maybe she wasn’t being very understanding. But being with Peter was the only thing that helped her forget all the pain that stirred inside.
    He squeezed her hand. “We’ll get through this.”
    She nodded. “We could always skip today.”
    “Let’s just see how it goes. We only have a few weeks before winter break.”
    “I don’t want to go,” she groaned.
    “No one wants to. Maybe it will keep our minds off everything.”
    Ava suppressed a sigh and kept her eyes on the passing bare trees and buildings, dreading school. Why was it so important to go? She couldn’t even remember what they were studying last. And the last time she went to school, an invisible Trudy followed her around and tried to kill Peter’s friends, Valerie and Amanda. That had ended badly with Savina erasing their minds. Ava certainly had racked up enough hatred from the Ephemerals. They berated her for wearing her necklace. For her supposed involvement with the bombing of the school. She’d killed two Ephemerals, though, that wasn’t public knowledge.
    She shook her head. Maybe she would only go today and skip the rest of the time. Her hatred toward the Ephemerals diminished significantly since she realized the Cimmerians were the ones inside her head. But that didn’t mean she wanted to be around the Ephemerals any more.
    As Peter pulled into the parking space, she saw Link and Nicole waiting for them.
    “Hey,” Link said, stubbing out a cigarette. He’d let his hair grow into a blond shag and he’d kept the stubble on his face. Link was never so rough around the edges, but Ava guessed being kidnapped by Cimmerians and forced to become an Enchanter would change anyone.
    “I didn’t know you smoked,” Ava said.
    Nicole rolled her eyes, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear. “He just started.”
    “Takes the edge off.”
    Ava stared at the building and watched several students walk inside. Just last week she was warring against dark Enchanters. And now, like nothing happened, they were at school.
    “Would Savina really notice us not being at school?” Link asked.
    “Probably not,” Ava said. “She’s been holed up for a while.”
    “What else are we going to do? Sit around and think?” Peter asked.
    “He’s got a point.”
    As they walked inside the brick building, the heat poured over Ava. She and Peter walked hand-in-hand through the gray corridor with red lockers that spanned both sides of the wall. Students leaned against the lockers, ignoring them for the most part. Quite the contrast since the last few months. She spotted Lance, Thomas, and Gillian staring at something. Whatever it was upset Gillian.
    When they reached Thomas, Gillian, and Lance, they stopped. A few lockers had been decorated with notes, flowers, and mementos. Gillian covered her mouth, trying to contain her sobs. She had convinced Trent to shoot up a mall and then kill himself, thanks to the Cimmerians’ manipulating her. Ava clenched her teeth when she saw Drew and Jonah’s lockers. Bile rose in her throat, but she pushed it down.
    “Oh god,” Gillian said and then ran down the hall, probably to the bathroom.
    Ava wanted to follow her, but then Peter’s rage filled her.
    “Should I go after her?” Nicole asked.
    “Yeah. You guys go ahead,” Ava said and the rest of them hesitantly walked away.
    Peter lunged for the locker, tearing the notes and pictures. He kicked the flowers, screaming.
    Several people stopped to stare at them.
    “Stop, Peter. You’re scaring me.” She seized his arm, but he jerked away from her.
    He didn’t stop until the locker was clean. Ripped pictures and broken flowers littered the hallway. Ava didn’t know what to do or say. The onlookers moved on as Peter leaned his head against the locker, taking deep breaths.
    Ava reached for his hand and he let her take it.
    “Sorry,” he said, his voice hoarse.
    She wrapped her arms around him.
    “No one knew Seth. Not like

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