Unexpected Romance

Unexpected Romance by Asrai Devin Read Free Book Online

Book: Unexpected Romance by Asrai Devin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Asrai Devin
will insist on flying out three times."
due for a visit in a couple months anyway. I know she misses your
of my sister. Did you notice her and Chris, sneaking glances at each
suppose a little."
practically growled. The sound caused Nicole to laugh.
are both young, Corey. She hasn't been out at all since she moved
here. Isn't that odd? No friends of her own, no dating. She works and
comes home. I was wondering if something was wrong with her. I'm glad
to see her taking an interest in someone her own age."
can take an interest in anyone she wants, but not this guy. I know
this guy."
do you know? Is he your locker-room buddy? You aren't even in the
locker room."
I know his reputation."
young. And may I remind you of your own reputation not so long ago."
than five years ago."
you spent more than ten years cultivating your reputation, dear."
Her voice was hard.
went on the defensive. "You know why I was like I was.
is so not about you. This is about your sister. What if Chris could
be the one? Like you and me? What if she's the one to make him settle
is my sister. I don't want her to get hurt."
what relationships are about, sweetie. It's risky. She might get
hurt. Soon it will Tanner getting hurt, then Jessa and someday,
Paige, and this baby will be out there living life. It's scary and
really hard to watch them go through it."
can't even think about Jessa or Paige out there with at the mercy of
guys like me."
shook her head. "My dad felt the same way you do. If he could
have prevented me the pain of Rick, I'm sure he would have. But, even
through the pain, I got my kids. And then I found you." She
kissed him again.
Chris needs to watch himself. If he breaks her heart, I might break
his nose."
will do no such thing. They’re both adults."
grinned. "You're hot when you're bossy." He placed his
thigh over hers and pinned her.
feigned to struggle against his restraint, while he kissed and
caressed her body. Too much fight and he'd let her go.
years, one child, and one on the way and his lust for her burned
hotter than ever.
stroked her inner thigh and found her wet. He closed his eyes with a
groan. And he didn't think about his sister for a long, long time.

went through the motions of his nightly routine. Shower, brush teeth,
remove his clothing. This time he pulled on a pair of sweatpants. He
opted to leave his chest bare.
his body performed the motions, his mind thought of Tonya. Tony. He
preferred the feminine version of her name.
sat on his bed, staring at his book in his hand, not seeing it at
all. He wondered if she would return to finish their earlier
confessed some deep stuff. Things that made him upset. He wished he
could chase those assholes down and make them pay. They were probably
still living in their parents basement. The classmates who harassed
her and the teachers who ignored it, who even gave her trouble for
it, all of them deserved to be punished.
in the back of his mind he felt guilty. He'd gotten out of messes in
his high schooldays, simply because he was a really good hockey
player. He probably even got better grades than he deserved because
of it. He'd taken full advantage of it, pulling it out when he was in
never done anything bad, like harass or assault girls. He did use it
to get them to date him and, after most dates, have sex. He'd never
committed any crimes against another person. He’d engaged in
underage drinking, drug use, and occasional speeding incident.
looked at his clock. Five minutes had gone by.
heard the bathroom door open, followed by Tonya's door. He rubbed his
palms on his sweatpants. He was nervous. There was a huge potential
for rejection and a date with his own hand tonight.
saw his reflection in the mirror. Shirtless. He should he pull

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