Unfinished Dreams

Unfinished Dreams by Amanda McIntyre Read Free Book Online

Book: Unfinished Dreams by Amanda McIntyre Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda McIntyre
time after his funeral, Gabe found an odd comfort in the familiar scent. Perhaps, it was simply a reminder of better days.
    He raked his fingers through his wet hair, pulling it back from his face. There was a lot of his father in the man staring back at him, but he was given his mother’s dark features. In the back of his mind, his ideal woman had always been someone that was as beautiful as he remembered his mom. With a crinkle to the side of her nose, Tess Graham had changed his ideal image and the thought scared the hell out of him.
    He shaved, thinking it probably improved his looks considerably. Splashing the spicy smelling cologne over his face, he grimaced at the momentary burn. He glanced at the bottle through watery eyes glad he didn’t wear this stuff every day. His gaze fell to his chest. What the hell, he thought splashing a handful of the cologne there as well. Suddenly, he wondered if the social scene with women was much different than when he was in college. He raised a brow thinking of Mrs. Crane. Maybe she was an exception, yet for all her eccentricity, he could understand her loneliness in this small town.
    He tucked the bottle back in the cabinet and slammed it shut, then swept a comb through his drying hair, reminding himself to get a haircut soon. Though why the length of his hair bothered him after all this time puzzled him, but he swatted away the idea it had anything to do with the new set of—okay, and he was going to have to stop thinking about the city girl’s long legs as well.
    He gave his reflection a toothy grin then turned his face to the left and to the right. “Well, I’m no Clint Black,” he chuckled to himself, “but I get by.” He flipped off the light switch and grabbed the chambray denim shirt from the bathroom doorknob. Slipping it over his arms, he realized it was one of the few good shirts he had left to his name. He stuffed his hand into his worn jeans and pulled out the wad of wrinkled bills, remembering the contrite look on Mr. Powell’s face after Gabe had mended his fence.
    “It’s all I got on me right now. I promise you more after harvest.” Roy struggled with his pride as he spoke. Gabe knew all too well the feeling.
    “This will do me fine, Roy. You just call if you need some help getting those cattle to market.”
    Gratitude shone in the old man’s eyes. “John Russell raised himself one hell of a good man.” The old farmer clasped Gabe’s hand and pumped it up and down. The gesture should have made him feel better, but it only served to make him feel that, once again, he’d let his dad down.
    Gabe flipped through the bills, glad that Merle didn’t charge him rent for living over the repair shop. He stuffed half of the money in a sock and tucked it in his top drawer until he could get to the bank on Monday. Little by little, he’d been gathering a nest egg with the goal of eventually buying back his dad’s farm, but it wasn’t building up as fast as he liked. He’d thought about signing on with a construction crew to help things along, but in the same breath, thought of all the folks here in town that depended on his strength, his tenacity. Besides, who would Merle get to help him with the onslaught of broken down summer campers on the way to the lake. He stuffed the rest of the bills in the front pocket of his jeans. It probably wouldn’t be long before Tess realized the amount of work involved in keeping up a farm.
    With a flip of the switch, he locked the door to his apartment. Maybe he’d suggest to Tess that she rent out part of the farm to Roy for his cattle to graze. It’s what he would have offered to Roy had he still owned the farm. Then again, he wasn’t entirely certain that he wanted her to get too comfortable where she was at. That could make it more difficult for him to buy back the farm when he was ready. Perhaps it was best to leave well enough alone for now and with any luck, she’d be gone and he’d be settled back in before

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