Unfold Me

Unfold Me by Talia Ellison Read Free Book Online

Book: Unfold Me by Talia Ellison Read Free Book Online
Authors: Talia Ellison
    “There’s nothing in here that belongs to you,” I say, keeping my voice as steady as possible. “You’re mistaken.”
    “Are you sure about that?” The corners of his lips quirk up and he leans against the wall right next to me.
    “Okay.” He lifts his hand up, but he’s still smiling. “Let me rephrase that. You’ve got something I wanted.”
    “Oh?” I raise an eyebrow at him. “Well, that’s too bad, because it’s mine now.”
    “So it’s true. It really was you who bought that slave at the auction.” He tips his head to the side. “I have to admit I was surprised to hear that. I mean, what would you do with a slave?” He chuckles. “Unless... you knew I’d find out... and that I’d come see you.” He leans forward until his lips almost touch mine. “I thought you missed me.”
    “You were wrong.” I swallow hard.
    He straightens his back, eyeing me. “What game are you playing, Kitten? You know I’m watching your every move.”
    “I didn’t violate our deal,” I say. “I don’t remember that you ever forbade me from buying a slave.”
    “True.” He grins. “What are you going to do with him anyway?”
    “That’s none of your business.” I glare at him.
    “You don’t have it in you, Kitten. You were born to be a slave, not a master.” His hand hovers near my face, but he doesn’t touch me. I lean my head toward his hand, but catch myself at the last moment. The satisfied smirk on Archer’s face tells me that he can see that, yes, one part of me did miss him.
    “Funny you say that.” I give him a look through my eyelashes. “You see, I finally found my true self, and it wasn’t thanks to you.”
    “Don’t tell me you forgot how you begged me to fuck you. How you moaned when I was inside you...” He lowers his hand onto my breast, and I yelp. He’s not supposed to be touching me, but there’s no one here to see this small violation of our deal. It’s not like there’s a way to prove it. A shudder runs through my body as he slowly and gently lowers his hand down my stomach and slips it into my pants.
    “You want this,” he says. “I know you do.” 
    “No, I...” I blink, gasping for breath, then notice a shadow in the corner of my eye.
    Archer turns his head, and I follow his gaze. Isaac is standing in the middle of the hallway, his mouth hanging open.
    “Let go of her!” Isaac yells.
    “Hello, Isaac,” Archer says softly, pulling his hand out of my pants, and I close my eyes for a moment in relief. “It’s been a while.” He starts toward Isaac, whose eyes are wide.
    “What’s the matter? Did you think I’ve forgotten you?” Archer laughs.
    “You son of a...!” Isaac growls, lifting his fist.
    “Nuh uh.” Archer waves his hand. “If you lay a finger on me, I’ll make sure you and everyone you care about regret it.”
    Isaac lowers his hand and glances at me, his eyes troubled. Archer reaches out and places his hand on Isaac’s cheek. Isaac flinches and tries to move his head away, but Archer grips his chin, his nails digging into Isaac’s skin. “Maybe your new mistress will let us repeat our good times.” His other hand trails down Isaac’s chest. I don’t waste a second; I dash for the living room. My hands are shaking as I open the safe and grab the gun.
    “Let go of him,” I say, pointing the gun at Archer’s back. His hand squeezes around Isaac’s throat, who is trying to push Archer away, but Archer’s other hand is going for Isaac’s crotch. When he glances over his shoulder, he suddenly lets go of Isaac, who falls back, coughing.
    “What are you doing with that, Kitten? You’re not going to shoot me.” Archer spreads his arms, a smile playing on his lips.
    “You broke into my home.” I aim the gun at his head.
    “You wanted to see me. Don’t deny it.” He comes closer, and I grip the gun as if it were the only thing keeping me alive.
    “Just leave.” I wish I could just empty the gun into

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