Uninvolved by Carey Heywood Read Free Book Online

Book: Uninvolved by Carey Heywood Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carey Heywood
taking a step back from her.
    "I should really be going."
    All Beck could think of was that they hadn’t had a chance to be alone . It was a foreign feeling , having a guy that she liked come over and not even try and kiss her. This was seriously confusing . Becka followed him outside and to his car . Nate pulled her into a tight hug, releasing her before she even had a chance to acknowledge the heat of his body and the crush of his arms around her . Becka stood there reeling at the negative space around her , wh ere he had been just a moment before . Becka did her best to wave cheerfully , even though she was freezing as he drove away.
    Once back inside , she crashed . I t was late , and the night had been so surreally unexpected . S he just wanted to sleep . Plus , she had no interest in hearing Dave and the bartender . Becka was too tired to follow up on her threat to cockblock Dave that night, but as she drifted off to sleep , Becka smiled at how payback was going to be fun.
    Sunday morning , Becka called Lilly to tell her about Nate 's unexpected visit.
    "He didn't!" Lilly gushed.
    "I'm not even sure if I believe it , and I was here."
    "But what about his girlfriend?"
    "I have no idea . She didn’t come up. It is weird that he came over , right?"
    "If he still has a girlfriend, yes . If not , maybe he likes you too."
    "We talk all the time, but it's like stupid stuff. I still don’t really know anything about him."
    "Do you tell him stuff about you?"
    "I don’t know . I guess. You know me, I tend to overshare."
    At that , Lilly laughed. They went on to gossip about their parents and a girl Becka had gone to h igh s chool with until Lilly had to go. Becka ran to the grocery store at one point to do a bit of restocking but , otherwise , Sundays in general were lazy for her. One thing Becka could not help but do was randomly check her phone all day to see if Nate would call or text. He didn’t.
    Chapter 3
    The next morning , Becka was back at her desk , ready to face another week . It helped that she had an email already from Nate .
    Saturday was fun, we should hang out again .
    We'll see .
    Oh . We’ll see?
    I have to protect my retirement plan .
    Haha . Fair enough . We don’t have to play cards.
    What would you like to do?
    That's a dangerous question.
    How so?
    Nevermind .
    I hate it when people do that . Tell me!
    You can't make me.
    I have my ways of persuasion .
    Tell me more.
    I will not reveal my secrets.
    And I won't reveal mine.
    Oh , now it's a secret?
    Never said it wasn't.
    You are killing me.
    I come in peace.
    - Nate !!!
    What?!?...I'm confused!
    N othing . N evermind
    No really, you lost me….
    Subject change . How’s the weather?
    The weather here? As opposed to the weather where you are?
    Yep 
    Your smiley face will not distract me.
    This went on the rest of the week . Becka found herself grinning like a crazy person every time she saw the little email notification . She was also equally crazed when he didn’t reply for long periods of time . When Nate took a long time to reply , she wou ld try and passive aggressively take just as long to reply to him . Becka didn’t want to let on exactly how eager she was.
    They talked about everything except his girlfriend . Becka had to hope it wasn’t serious and that she wasn’t coming between a solid couple . She hoped that because h is roommate was a guy tha t he had gone to college with. Nate and his girlfriend must not be that serious because clearly they weren’t living together . Maybe, she hoped , they would break up and then he would ask her out for real. Nate was the first guy in a long time that made her feel that way.
    For the holidays Dave would be driving home to Texas to be with his family . Since Becka 's family lived out E ast , she would be all alone this year . Dave had invited her to come with him , but she

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