Unlawful Seizure (Filthy Florida Alphas Book 1)

Unlawful Seizure (Filthy Florida Alphas Book 1) by Baylee Rose Read Free Book Online

Book: Unlawful Seizure (Filthy Florida Alphas Book 1) by Baylee Rose Read Free Book Online
Authors: Baylee Rose
out of my hair. I’d give anything for hairbrush right now. Max doesn’t talk but when I look up, he’s reaching out his hand. The very hand he just had inside of me. I don’t want to take it. I try not to; he doesn’t really give me a choice.
    He drags me back the way we came and his hold on me is cold and impersonal. Suddenly, now I feel like a hostage. He leads me beyond the tree, and I’m preparing myself for more hours of trekking uselessly through parts of Florida I’ve never wanted to see and never want to see again. Suddenly, he yanks me to a stop. I look around like he’s crazy. Then he bends down, and there’s an opening beneath us. A door to a bunker. They’re all over Florida, I know. Old deserted bunkers the military once used and no longer do. I’ve never seen one before though.
    “In you go!” he orders.
    I want to argue, but the change in him worries me, and I’m afraid. I do as he orders and go down into the dark bunker. I look at him as I go down every rung. I want to beg him not to close me up in here. I’m scared to death, and I can’t find my voice. His face looks pretty unforgiving. When I get to the bottom, I cough from the stale smell of dust that assaults me. I can’t see a lot. The opened door above is the only light, and I can’t see much. The light starts flickering, and I look up to see Max coming down the ladder. I guess he’s not going to leave me here alone. That’s something at least.
    He practically pushes me out of the way to get to an old metal wardrobe. I watch as he opens the door and brings out a lantern. He attaches a can to the base and sits it on a cheap, card table that’s across from it and has two chairs. He rummages around in the cabinet for a few more minutes and goes back to the table. I watch him strike a match and hold it into the lantern. In seconds, pale light floods the room. I look again, and once I take it all in, suddenly wish for darkness again.
    In the corner, there are a couple of small beds, which ironically enough look like beds in a jail cell, complete with army cot mattresses. Max goes over and flips the thin pads over.
    “Come here,” he grunts like a he-man, as if using words at all pains him. I go, because let’s face it, discretion is the better part of valor at this point.
    “Sit on the bed.”
    “Me Tarzan, you Jane,” I mutter but do it. He squats down in front of me and reaches under the bed. I let my gaze move over the small room, trying to ignore him. That is a mistake, because I hear a clicking noise and feel cold metal circle my wrist. I look back to Max, and he has me handcuffed! He attaches the other end to a metal bar that runs across the base of the small headboard. He doesn’t say a word to me. He leaves me like that and starts going back up the ladder.
    I thought I was scared before, but now I am petrified.
    “Max! Stop! I won’t tell anyone which way you go. I could die here! No one will find me! Please don’t do this!” I beg, choking on the fear that’s so real and intense, my heart is hurting. He ignores me. “Max, please! You don’t have to do this!”
    He stops at the top rung and turns back to look at me. Our eyes lock, and his cold gaze gives away nothing. Then, he goes the rest of the way out and shuts the entrance door with a heavy thud.
    I look around the room and try to still the runaway beating of my heart. Tears are stinging my eyes, and I try not to give into them. He wouldn’t leave me here? He killed a man because of his wife and baby. Right? Someone like that doesn’t have it in him to hurt a woman. I try to justify all these things over and over in my head.
    I know so much more about Max Kincaid than I should. I’ve spent months reading his file and being fascinated by the man. I’ve read everything I could get on him. He owns a tattoo shop on the outskirts of Ormond that caters to bikers, truckers and is known for being a no-nonsense shop. He spent years in the army and even had a purple

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