Unleashed by Brittney N. Read Free Book Online

Book: Unleashed by Brittney N. Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brittney N.
stranger these fantasies and mutual pleasure; one that neither of them would ever forget. That was a promise she knew she could keep.
    Zack stretched as he woke up. He realized there was a female lying next to him and realized it was time to slip out of her apartment. Ashley. He knew that bed of hair anywhere. He couldn’t help but laugh because she was down for just about anything in the bedroom. She was reliable when he was looking for a quick tumble in the sheets. She didn’t ask questions, she just accepted their relationship which was purely sexual. He gently removed the sheets and found his clothing as he snuck out of her bedroom. As he got into the elevator, some part of him was getting a little tired of sneaking in and out of females bedrooms. He seriously needed a vacation.

Chapter Nine
    Emma knew it was time to find an eligible candidate. She took a quick shower and rinsed up to make sure she freshened up. She shaved every part that could be touched on the human anatomy and knew that she was ready for the night that was ahead. Looking in her wardrobe, she found the little black Nicole Miller dress that she had brought for any special occasions that may arise. She had a couple more choices she looked through, but this dress was perfect for tonight in a club setting. It was tight in all the right places yet left some of her body to the imagination. She planned on making any man she desired drool tonight. As she applied her makeup she couldn’t help but realize how sad her eyes looked. Emma knew it was because of her recent break up but “it’s time to move on” she thought. As she finished getting ready Emma called for a car to pick her up at the hotel and take her to the upscale hotspot of this town. The concierge suggested a place named “Passions”. The name was all she needed to know that she wanted to take a visit there but just to make sure, she did a quick Google search to confirm her thoughts. With her approval she was picked up in 15 minutes in the lobby by a driver and he drove her to Passions.
    As Emma arrived to Passions she stepped out with the help of her driver. He gave her a direct number to call when she was ready to go. But Emma doubted she’d need it. She had a feeling she’d be going home with someone instead tonight. When she got to the doors the bouncer was already flirting with her and let her in for free despite the long line. Winking at him and entering the club she couldn’t help but start to dance to the beat. She allowed her body to flow with the beat and she walked over to the bar to get herself a drink. As she sat down on a bar stool and ordered a dirty martini, she looked around and watched the crowd that was already dancing. It had just turned midnight less than fifteen minutes ago and already there was a large amount of people dancing and flirting. Many of them clearly had money, looking at their name branded logos on their clothes this crowd was not afraid to spend some money to look good. And Emma had no problem with that, as long as she didn’t have to spend too much money. She still had a life to go back to after this vacation was over but that wasn’t her main concern. Her main concern was getting laid tonight. For whatever the reason, Emma was ready to lose this classiness and get downright bad.
    She felt his eyes from across the room and couldn’t help but look for the piercing gaze that she felt on her skin. She looked around and then found his eyes. Even in the crowded room Emma could feel his presence. His beauty was indeed magnificent. His dark complexion and smooth skin seemed to be even more pronounced in the clubs lighting. But the next thing she knew he was being pulled to the dance floor by a gorgeous female who was not afraid to show her curves to the world. Emma was petite and knew there was no way she could compare to the curvaceous body of the gorgeous woman, but she decided now was not the time to criticize herself. Instead, she looked for another

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