Unsettled (Chosen #1)

Unsettled (Chosen #1) by Alisa Mullen Read Free Book Online

Book: Unsettled (Chosen #1) by Alisa Mullen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alisa Mullen
noticed my trembling hands as I adjusted my clutch under my armpit. He sighed dramatically.
    After closely looking at my face, gauging whether or not to tear me a new one, he closed his eyes and said , “She isn’t seriously hurt.” 
    “That’s it? What happened? How did she get into the accident?” I as ked, feeling like he didn’t wanted to punish me by not telling me anything.
    “Well, she was drunk, Lizzie,” he said somberly. I took a deep breath.
    “I am so sorry, I know,” I whispered. “Please tell me what happened.”
    “She ran into two guard rails and her car flipped over. It took the Jaws of Life to get her out. She was banged up pretty bad. She was taken to the hospital and then this morning, the cops arrested her,” Conner said numbly.
    “Is she out? Can I go see her?” I asked.
    “No one wants to see you, Lizzie,” he said.
    I started to cry. Big angry tears and hiccups prevented me from explaining what happened. But it was my fault and no one had to tell me that twice. I would live with the shame for a long time.
    I quickly rushed by him, up the stairs and rounded the banister to my room. I quietly closed and locked my door. I tore off my clothes quickly and pulled on the biggest, ugliest tee shirt I could find. I flipped my Sarah McLaughlin CD in my player and lay down in my bed. After long thoughts of what would have happened if I didn’t drink last night, I wondered if I cared about what could have happened with Teagan. I slowly closed my eyes and drifted into a dark and deep sleep.

    I woke up at five thirty in the evening, feeling groggy and dreadful. After staring up at the ceiling, I had a sudden urge to call Darcy to apologize. I didn’t know how much she remembered. I went to my cordless phone in the corner and dialed Darcy’s number. I wouldn’t go near Conner to ask how she was because I knew the conversation would end up with the blame on me. On the third ring, Darcy’s mother answered the phone.
    “Hi , Mrs. Worthington. Is Darcy there?” I asked, tentatively.
    Darcy ’s mother sighed and I listened for her response. I tensed my hands in my lap and sat straight up. She had to answer me. It was the civil thing to do, and if nothing else, Mrs. Worthington was polite to a fault. She’s a polished Wellesley woman. She must’ve known I was the one that was with her and the one that tried to body block her car…twice. I rubbed my side and knew there had to be one hell of a bruise. But, I did have every right to know what Darcy was feeling towards me and what happened last night.
    “Lizzie, now is not a good time. Darcy is sleeping. Perhaps you could call her another time,” she murmured.
    “Mrs. Worthington, I am so sorry. I don’t know how I could possibly make up for what happened but it was my fault and I should have tried harder to stop her from driving. I promise I did everything I could to take the keys and stop…”
    The phone clicked off. I set the phone down on the cradle and lay down on the floor before I started to cry quietly again. I didn’t think I would ever be able to make my friendship with Darcy right. I didn’t deserve to be her friend.
    As I listened to the murmurs and noises from the rest of the house, I tried to think of something appropriate to say should I run into my mom or dad. After pulling it together, trying to pep talk myself into believing that tomorrow would be a better day, I tiptoed out to the bathroom. I took a long shower. It felt so good to clean off the night before. I wanted to wash all the guilt and shame from my body. After I dried off, I inched the door open to watch for any signs of my family then dashed to my room. I saw a tray with a sandwich and a bottle of water next to my closed door. I picked it up quickly then locked my door. I wanted to lock out the memories. I wanted to lock out everyone who knew what happened. I didn’t even want to face my mother or father after another disastrous moment of my

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