Untamed by Ciana Stone Read Free Book Online

Book: Untamed by Ciana Stone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ciana Stone
female attention Clint and Cam drew. The women were on them like flies on shit. Not that Clint gave any of the other women the time of day. To her delight, his attention was all on her.
    Cam, on the other hand, was as in demand as a water bucket at a fire brigade. The man no more than got rid of one before another was tugging him to the dance floor or trying to sit on his lap.
    “Is it always like this?” she asked Clint.
    He shrugged. “Sometimes it’s not so slow.”
    She laughed and watched Cam be pulled along behind a shapely brunette. She could see why the women were so crazy about him. Not only was he drop-dead gorgeous, with a killer body, but Cam was fun. He liked to dance and laugh and was what you might call a “good time” guy.
    Lily had a feeling that Clint was too. There’d been quite a number of disappointed ladies when he declined their invitations to dance or let them buy him drinks. Lily didn’t even mind all of the nasty looks she’d gotten from the ladies. She was proud to be with Clint.
    She leaned over and kissed him. He didn’t seem to mind the public display of affection and not only returned the kiss, but transformed it from a chaste act to one that had her blood pumping fast and hard.
    Lily was just thinking that if she didn’t stop she was going to have to drag him out to the truck, when a shrill voice came from directly behind her. “Oh hell no !”
    She didn’t have time to turn before someone grabbed her hair on the back of her head and yanked as if they were trying to snatch her head off her shoulders.
    Lily saw Clint getting to his feet, his eyes on something behind her as she was dragged back. She reached up, grabbed the hand fisting her hair, and pressed with both thumbs as hard as she could into the soft flesh of the inner wrist.
    A yelp accompanied the sudden release of her hair and she whirled to face her attacker. A tall, willowy blonde in skintight designer jeans, a crop top that looked painted on and breasts way too round to be real, stared across Lily’s head at Clint.
    “You fucking cheat!” the woman screamed.
    “Buffy, I told you—”
    “Buffy? Seriously?” Lily cut a look over her shoulder at Clint then back at the woman. “Buffy.”
    “Yes, Buffy!” the blonde said in an imperious tone. “The girlfriend. So, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll walk the fuck away, bitch.”
    “Or?” Lily was trying not to get angry, but the woman was making it damn difficult.
    Buffy screamed and made a swipe at Lily, fingers armed with inch-long nails spread wide.
    Lily wasn’t keen on fighting, but she had never backed down from a fight, and this was no exception. When Buffy came at her, she ducked to one side, balled up her fist and drove it up, connecting solidly with the underside of Buffy’s chin.
    Flailing wildly, Buffy lurched back and fell into a rather large woman at the next table. The woman shoved Buffy, and another woman, obviously friend to Buffy, slapped the woman.
    And it was on. Buffy came at Lily again, this time both hands outstretched. Lily let her come, ducked down and as Buffy’s momentum brought her in close, bolted up. Her shoulder caught Buffy at the waist, bending her forward. Lily continued upward, sending Buffy flying over her back.
    She pivoted on her heel just in time to see Clint catch Buffy. Upside down. Lily burst out laughing. She couldn’t help it. It was hilarious. Clint had Buffy around the waist, trying to dodge her kicking legs while her hands beat at the air.
    Meanwhile, behind Lily, Buffy’s friend and the big woman were going at it, with more people joining in the fray. It promised to be one hell of a fight. Clint got Buffy righted, grabbed Lily’s hand and started plowing his way through the crowd toward the door with Buffy screaming behind them about him being a cheating shit.
    Once they were outside, Lily looked up at him. “That’s your girlfriend?”
    “I dated her a few times.”
    “She seems to think it was

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