Unthinkable (Berger Series)

Unthinkable (Berger Series) by Merinda Brayfield Read Free Book Online

Book: Unthinkable (Berger Series) by Merinda Brayfield Read Free Book Online
Authors: Merinda Brayfield
said Evan, taking a seat.
    “That’s good to hear,” Tom slid the cup across to Evan. It was stronger than he usually made it, but good. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to stay here longer. Yoshi’s sprained his ankle and it would be best if he gave it a chance to recover.”
    “Okay,” said Evan. He saw Yoshi had his foot up on a chair with ice on it. “How are you feeling?” he asked.
    “I’ll live,” said Yoshi with a smile that didn’t meet his eyes.
    “Well, good,” said Evan, “you aren’t allowed to die on me.”
    “It’ll take more than a couple rednecks to do me in.” The smile stayed in place, but something flickered in his eyes and he quickly looked down at his ankle and adjusted the ice pack. Evan looked into his coffee. It wasn’t right, seeing Yoshi hurt like this. “I’ll be fine in a couple of days,” said Yoshi, not looking up. Evan didn’t answer.
    Katie walked in with plates of eggs and bacon. “The kids already ate,” she said. When everyone had a plate Tom bowed his head to say grace. As Evan bowed his head he tried to remember the last time he’d said grace over a meal. The last Easter with his parents? Or had they said grace that Christmas with Yoshi and Ryan? Yoshi had insisted he go; it was only two months after his parents had died. It had been as good as he could have hoped, surrounded by family, even if it wasn’t actually his own.
    Evan looked up, realizing he’d been lost in his thoughts. Everyone else was nearly finished eating so he quickly shoveled in the last few bites. “What can I do around here to help?” he asked.
    “I’m sure we can find you something,” said Tom with a smile. Katie helped Yoshi limp into the living room. Evan was surprised at how easily he went along; normally Yoshi hated sitting when others were working. But then, what was normal now?
    The next few days passed quickly for Evan. Mostly he helped out Nathan or Noah. They didn’t mind showing Evan what to do on their farm. Yoshi continued to sulk. Evan wanted to know what had happened to him; he’d had bouts of being quiet, but never like this. Evan certainly felt changed by his experience, but already it was slipping into the past like a nightmare upon waking. Evan couldn’t find an opportunity to question. Katie or someone was always around during the day and at night he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.
    Around a week after their arrival Tom took Evan out to a fallow field. He told Evan to stay put a few yards in front of a tree. The tree stood alone near the bottom of a small hill. Tom walked up and put a target on it. Reaching into his pocket, Tom pulled out a small revolver and put it in Evan’s hands. “It’s an S&W Chief’s special .38. Ever shoot anything like this?” It was a snub nose revolver, about the size of Evan’s hand with a wooden handle.
    “No, I had an automatic before. Yoshi taught me some.”
    Tom nodded. Out of another pocket he pulled a handful of bullets and showed Evan how to load. Evan nervously handled the gun. Better get over that now , he thought.
    When Tom was satisfied that Evan could load it he took the gun from his hands. Taking careful aim he squeezed off a shot. Evan’s ears rang from the retort, but he saw that the farmer had hit squarely in the middle. “Normally I’d say to wear hearing protection, but you might not have that chance. Take a crack at it.” Tom handed the gun back to Evan.
    Evan looked down the short barrel and squeezed the trigger like Yoshi had shown him. His hand jerked as he fired. There was no sign of hitting anywhere near the tree. “Try again,” said Tom. “Think, breathe, hold, fire.” Evan adjusted his stance. “You and Yoshi, you’re close?” asked Tom.
    “Yeah, we were college roommates. We’ve known each other…” he looked down the barrel “about five years now I guess,” answered Evan. He adjusted his grip and pulled the trigger. This time he was pretty certain he hit the

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