Upon the Threshold

Upon the Threshold by April Zyon Read Free Book Online

Book: Upon the Threshold by April Zyon Read Free Book Online
Authors: April Zyon
Tags: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Space Opera, futuristic, menage
creatures that seemed to take to this new world with a startling vengeance. They had acted as if they had been bred there, which in a way they had been, since it was the human scientists that had grown them from DNA, but still. They had been bred to thrive in this new world after all.
    Once she was certain she had everything, she walked out of their camp, waving at the sentries who stood guard there, and headed off over the now-green hills that had a hint of snow covering them.
    Turning her face up to the skies, she smiled. Snow. They never would have believed that they would have snow in this new home. It was utterly amazing. It was a true wonder, everything that they were learning about their new home—that was certain. Now if only she could figure out a way to go back to the Droushanian camp and maybe have dinner with the commander and weapons master.
    She snorted. “Yeah right. They don’t want to see you again. Didn’t you catch that hint the last ten times you went?” she mumbled to herself as she walked along a path that would lead her to where the wild horses had made their home.
    * * * *
    “She’s leaving the town, sir.”
    Kraven lifted his head at those words. His attention went straight to the display, and he saw that Elisabeth was indeed leaving the human town. She had a pack over her shoulders and looked to be planning a bit of a journey.
    But he caught the look on her face as she glanced their way. It was a look that mirrored much of what he’d been feeling since first meeting her and forcing himself to stay away.
    Nodding, he waved a hand. “Track her and let me know when she reaches whatever her destination is.” Forcing his attention down, he continued to work for a time longer on the reports that were due.
    Finally, he got up and left the data pad behind to have the reports he had been working on uploaded and sent to their home world. Checking on a few more things, he kept an eye on the sensor display and saw Elisabeth still moving. He left the others to continue their work, and strolled in an unhurried manner to his quarters.
    After putting on a thermal jacket, he went outside the ship to track down Lukkis. Not that hard really. Kraven knew where his friend was at all times if he wasn’t eating or sleeping.
    Sticking his head into the workshop area that was being used for tending to all their weaponry while on the planet, he motioned for Lukkis to join him outside. Away from the other three Droushanian in the enclosure. Best that they didn’t know what Kraven was about to say could lead to trouble eventually.
    Stepping back, Kraven moved away from the building so his line of sight in all directions was clear. “She left the human town,” he said, quietly of course.
    Lukkis, smart male that he was, didn’t even have to ask who. “You know this will only cause trouble. Kraven, you are promised to another. To do this thing that you are thinking with her…”
    “You think I don’t know that? I’ve stayed away from her for this very reason. But the Beast is not giving me any peace these last many dawnings. I wake thinking of her and fall into a restless slumber thinking about her. It’s only getting worse, Lukkis. Either I need to get her out of my system entirely or …” He trailed off, shoving a hand through his dark hair.
    “Where is she going?” Lukkis asked.
    “Toward the quadrant they are holding the animals they call horses within.”
    “Out of range of the sensors, thanks to that large rock outcropping. We can get there before her if we come around it from the southern ridge.”
    That his friend was willing to assist in this lunacy made him feel mildly better. Nodding, he buckled up the thermal jacket. “Whenever you are ready,” he said. Lukkis wouldn’t take long to get ready for their journey. Even with the advantages of their people, they’d have to push themselves to get there.
    * * * *
    When Eli arrived at the place the horses had called their own, she stopped to

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