Vampire Hollows

Vampire Hollows by Tim O'Rourke Read Free Book Online

Book: Vampire Hollows by Tim O'Rourke Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tim O'Rourke
an invisible set of brakes, I slowed.
    The Vampyrus that were behind me rushed past, as if taken by surprise by my sudden stop. One of them had sharper reflexes and swooped away before smashing into the rocky ground below. But the other wasn’t as quick, and I watched as it dive-bombed into a razor-sharp outcrop of rock. Its severed arms and legs bounced back into the air in a crimson spray of blood. Hovering, I watched as several vampires that had been forcing the humans to dig the crater, race over and begin to fight over the bloody remains of the Vampyrus.
    It was then, as I raced back up into the dawn sky, that I saw the rest of the Vampyrus which had been protecting the crater soar up into the sky. As the Vampyrus raced amongst the clouds, the clouds changed colour. They were no longer reflecting the colour of the rising sun; they were turning grey, dark grey, charcoal, then black. Then suddenly, they began to separate as if falling apart into smaller pieces. These then broke up into smaller pieces, and then into black wispy fragments as the Vampyrus swarmed out of them and back towards us.
    I saw Potter fly away from a Vampyrus he had just sliced the wings from, and it plummeted away through the sky. Banking, I raced towards him.
    “Look! They’re coming out of the clouds!” I shouted over the roar of the wind.
    “There’s hundred’s of them!” Potter yelled back.
    The Vampyrus that had swept from the clouds swarmed around in the air as if preparing to attack. Then, to my horror, they came racing towards us. And as they came, they made those hideous squawking sounds that pierced the air. Their cries of hatred and anger seemed to penetrate right through me, making my heart thunder in my chest. I could see that their bodies were black, hairy and bloated. Although they closely resembled giant vampire bats, they had bony-looking legs and a set of wings that were transparent and covered in bristly hair. Just like I had seen Luke in his true Vampyrus form at Hallowed Manor, these creatures no longer resembled human beings, but giant winged creatures. Noses turned up, long pointed ears, and jaws full of razor-like fangs.
    The Vampyrus were nearly upon us and as they drew within range, Potter banked violently, rolled to the left and sharply lost altitude. I felt my stomach leap into my throat as I banked and raced after Potter. Ahead, I could see Isidor, and Potter was racing towards him.
    I caught up in time to hear Potter shout at Isidor. “I’m not usually one for retreating, kid, but we’d better get out of here!”
    “To where?” Isidor roared back.
    Then, as if from nowhere, Luke swept up beside us and pointing back towards the mountain, he bellowed, “Look! Over there!”
    Turning in the air, we stared in the direction he was pointing. The doorway we’d seen earlier was now open and a winged man hovered before it. Raising an arm in the air, he beckoned us towards him.
    “Who’s that?” Kayla asked as she came racing towards us.
    “Felix Coanda, if I’m not mistaken,” Luke said peering ahead.
    “Then what are we waiting for?” I said, looking over my shoulder at the approaching Vampyrus. “Let’s go!”
    Curling my claws into a fist, I punched forward and soared back towards the mountain and the open doorway. Was this it? Was I really going to finally enter The Hollows?

Chapter Seven
    I swept towards the door where Felix Coanda hovered in front of it. His wings were mottled-looking, like something you would find sticking out of the back of a moth. His skin, just like Potter’s and Luke’s, was corpse white. He had pale blue lips and a set of fangs that looked as sharp as knives. His hair was black and wiry and stuck out in thick clumps, giving him the appearance he had just crawled out of bed. His eyes shone a fierce blue and they kind of reminded me of Murphy’s. He was older than Luke and Potter; I guessed about forty-years-old. He was stripped to the waist, but his upper body, although

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