Van, Becca - Mate for Three [Pack Law 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

Van, Becca - Mate for Three [Pack Law 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Becca van Read Free Book Online

Book: Van, Becca - Mate for Three [Pack Law 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Becca van Read Free Book Online
Authors: Becca van
and she followed Michelle and Keira into a small boutique which looked like it only sold designer clothes. She watched as her two new friends flitted about the store chatting excitedly, but she baulked when she saw the price tag on a nice shirt. She didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t afford to spend money here, and she didn’t feel right spending money that wasn’t hers.
    “Talia, get your ass over here, girl. You need to start picking out some clothes or we have orders to pick them out and buy them for you,” Keira said with a smile her way. “I know how you feel about spending money that’s not yours. There was a time that I was in the same boat you are. Even though I had a trust fund left to me by my parents, I couldn’t touch it.”
    “Talia, your mates want you to get anything and everything you need. Don’t worry about spending their money, honey. Your men are nearly as rich as King Midas. In fact all the men of the pack are filthy rich from all the properties they own, so don’t you go worrying about spending their money. Now, what do think of this?” Michelle asked as she held up a royal-blue teddy.
    “That is so gorgeous. I can see you in that. You will look so damn sexy,” Talia stated as Michelle held up the lingerie.
    “My thoughts exactly, but this color is for you. Go get some more clothes and try them on. We aren’t leaving until you have a closet full of clothes and loads of underwear,” Michelle said as she shoved the teddy at Talia.
    “You guys are the best,” Talia said in a voice thick with emotion as she took the teddy and then went on searching the racks.
    By the time the three women left the shop, it felt like they had cleaned out the store of all its merchandise. Talia had several pairs of jeans, a couple of skirts with mix-and-match tops, two dresses, lingerie, and shoes to go with everything. They headed to the SUV, dumped their purchases, and then walked toward the small café across the street.
    As Talia followed behind her two friends, she heard the squeal of tires on the road and turned her head toward the sound. The sight of a large dual-cab truck barreling toward her froze her in her tracks.
    Then she sprang into action. She pushed Michelle and Keira out of the way just as the truck was upon them. She leaped and threw herself forward, landing on the opposite side of the road on her hands and knees. Her palms burned as she scraped her skin, and she felt a white-hot pain in her knee where she landed awkwardly. She looked up to see the taillights of the truck disappearing around a corner in the distance.
    “Oh my God. Talia, are you all right?” Michelle asked as she helped her to her feet.
    “Yeah, I’m fine,” she replied but couldn’t contain her wince as pain shot through her knee.
    “Talia, you just saved us from being run over,” Keira said as she placed her hands over the small bump of her belly. “What did the asshole think he was doing? Was he fucking blind?”
    “I think they were after me,” Talia stated as she limped across the pavement with the help of her new friends.
    “What the hell does that mean?” Michelle asked with a scowl on her face.
    “Obviously you haven’t been told,” Talia said as they entered the café.
    “Told what?” Keira asked.
    Talia explained to Michelle and Keira about her disastrous marriage, her hospitalization and divorce, and her flight from her ex-husband. “I think my ex may have found out where I am.”
    “But you’re divorced,” Michelle said. “What does he want with you now?”
    Talia shrugged. “I found out he was after me and I didn’t ask questions. He’s crazy.”
    “Talia, you are so brave. Are you all right? Let me have a look at that knee,” Keira said and held the door to the café open for her. She helped her to a seat and squatted down in front of her. “It’s already beginning to heal, thank goodness. Now that your mates have claimed you, there is werewolf DNA flowing through your body,

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