Vegenrage: The Magic User

Vegenrage: The Magic User by Robert Spina Read Free Book Online

Book: Vegenrage: The Magic User by Robert Spina Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robert Spina
momentum, and just before he lands, he transforms to his human self and jogs to a walk. The Graybazelles are quickly upon him, and he remembers talking with Logantrance about not being able to feel presence and Logantrance saying, “You feel it, Robert. You just don’t know how to process the feelings yet.” He strongly feels fear as the Graybazelles circle him and breathe heavily in his face.
    Graybazelles are basically very large greyhound dogs that stand six feet at the shoulders. Their hips and shoulders are very powerful, like that of a lion, and they have the head of a gazelle. Fortunately, they are herbivores, but they have enormous antlers that grow up from above their eyes, forming a shield protecting their head, circling twice then growing away from their head and around to very sharp horns extending three feet in front of their head. This makes them very dangerous, and only a desperate predator would attempt to ambush this very able herbivore.
    Robert is at a serious disadvantage. Although Graybazelles are a very docile animal, with the command of one of the riders, they could very easily impale and kill Robert.
    “Corksez, this is him. This has to be him.”
    “Calm down, Johans.”
    “Johans is right, Corksez. We should kill him now.” The third rider draws his crossbow and points it at Robert.
    “Rowann, put your weapon away.”
    Robert does not hesitate. He quickly pushes his open right hand at Rowann, and like Rowann was hit by a sledgehammer of a twenty-foot-tall giant, he flies in an arc through the air, landing a half mile away. The Graybazelle that he was on takes a few steps back. Robert points his hands at the other two men and closes his fists. The arms of the two men are clamped to their bodies, as if giant fists grabbed them, and they are raised off their Graybazelles and are levitated to the ground right in front of Robert. He waves his hand in front of Corksez, and he falls asleep.
    “Johans, I did not come here to kill anyone, but you now have my complete attention. Who sent you after me, and why?”
    “I don’t know. You have to ask Corksez.”
    Robert looks at Corksez and raises he fist, squeezing his fingers together. Johans watches as Corksez is crushed by an invisible hand. He hears his bones breaking, and blood squirts and oozes from his crushing body. Robert raises his left hand above his right hand and claps them shut. Johans watches as Corksez’s head and feet are crushed together through his body. Robert then squeezes his hands together, like he is packing a snowball, and Corksez’s entire body is compacted to a snowball-sized ball. Blood and body fluids are dripping as most of the fluids in Corksez’s body are squished out.
    Robert turns away from Johans and throws Corksez’s body like he is throwing a baseball, and Corksez’s remains are thrown through the air, out of sight. Robert looks at Johans. “I would ask Corksez, but he is dead!” He clinches his fist, and Johans feels his chest and back compressing.
    “OK! OK! Please don’t kill me. I’ll tell you.”
    Robert relaxes his grip.
    “Mournbow sent us. Mournbow called Corksez, one of his best captains, to take two men to find a stranger. We don’t know his name. We don’t know anything about him other than he is human and may have magical ability.”
    “Who is Mournbow, and how does he know I am here?”
    “How he knows you are here I don’t know, but he answers only to Xanorax. He would not have sent us after you unless Xanorax ordered it.”
    “This Mournbow, he ordered you to kill me, just like that?”
    “We are to bring you back, dead or alive.”
    “What about this Xanorax, where do I find him?”
    “You don’t find Xanorax, he finds you.”
    “Oh yeah! Then why are you here and not Xanorax?”
    “You would be wise to watch your tongue, stranger. You may have some magical ability, but Xanorax will tear you limb from limb if you are still alive when he finds you. Xanorax is all–seeing,

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