Veil of Justice, Shadows of Justice Book 3

Veil of Justice, Shadows of Justice Book 3 by Regan Black Read Free Book Online

Book: Veil of Justice, Shadows of Justice Book 3 by Regan Black Read Free Book Online
Authors: Regan Black
    Two not-so-dead people in the same place were
more than mere coincidence. From her work with Petra, Kelly knew
Kristoff wasn't the benevolent physician the public had idolized.
His presence didn't mean anything good for Nathan. Or the rest of
humanity, for that matter.
    As she cued up the visual-only record of
Nathan's conference with Kristoff, she reached for the screen – a
reflex to warn him – when she saw the guard drugging him. "Sneaky
bastard," she muttered. With a few clicks she was fast-forwarding,
trying to get a current location on Kristoff. Beneath her feet, the
floor rumbled. She could hope it was just climate control, but her
instincts told her time was short.
    Her hands flitted over the keyboard, calling
up live feeds for the entire facility. When the search proved too
much, she narrowed it to just this wing. Maybe he'd recognized the
logic of leaving through the ambulance bay as well. She cheered
softly when she caught sight of Kristoff moving toward the service
loading docks.
    Before she could enter the code to lock down
the prison, four guards rushed into the morgue. The first two moved
to flank her and the other two remained at the doors blocking her
only egress. Red hazed her vision and her hand automatically
dropped to the short sword sheathed on her hip.
    "Down on your stomach." The lead guard took a
step closer. "Now," he snapped when she didn’t move.
    She raised her hands over her shoulders and
jerked her chin to the clock above the door. "You guys are waaay
behind schedule. That’s not gonna look good."
    To his credit the leader didn’t flinch,
though his second whipped around to check the clock. The two at the
door, lowered their weapons, muttering about the stupidity of
    "This ain’t no drill," the leader barked. "I
schedule them."
    "Well, you’re out of the loop on this one."
Kelly shook her head, easing her hands down. "They send me in every
once in awhile to keep everyone sharp. Sorry, but this has to go on
    She started forward, but he jerked his weapon
and she stopped with a loud sigh, hands drifting up once more.
    "Call for confirmation," he barked over his
shoulder to his second, who immediately reached for his radio.
    She didn’t have time to waste. Kristoff could
be hauling Nathan anywhere while these oafs chased their tails. "No
one in your chain of command can confirm." She poured all the snide
she could into her voice. "I’m on an independent contract."
    The man behind the leader paused. The guards
behind him rolled their eyes and grumbled again.
    It was the opening she needed. She dropped to
the floor, swung her leg around to take the leader off his feet and
ripped her dirk from its place at her ankle.
    The next closest guard aimed at her, but she
rolled clear as the stunner shot bounced uselessly off the steel
desk and into the supply cabinet.
    She popped to her feet putting the second
between her and the guards at the door. With her short knife to
their comrade’s throat, they hesitated to advance. Unfortunately
the leader wasn’t so indecisive. He’d regained his feet and now her
attention was split between both threats.
    "Let him –"
    Her knife hand thrummed, wanting to strike,
she quashed the urge by tripping her hostage into the guards at the
door and pitching the blade back into the leader’s leg. Scrambling
through the tangle, she dashed through the door and back into the
quiet infirmary.
    An alarm sounded, ringing off the concrete
block, rendering coherent thought impossible.
    "This way." The nurse grabbed her arm,
tugging her into a glass cube that overlooked the ward. "Stay
    Kelly obeyed, hoping she hadn’t made a fatal
error when she heard the hum and thudding of locks securing
the doors.
    Boots thudded by, paused, and kept moving.
Above her the nurse explained, "Standard protocol in cases of riot
or escape attempts. Non-combative personnel lock themselves away
until it’s over." She sounded like a computer voice-over during

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