Visions by Kay Brooks Read Free Book Online

Book: Visions by Kay Brooks Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kay Brooks
nerves. Morgan spent every spare second gossiping with the other young female members of staff about what they were going to wear and when they were going to meet. I found myself sat on the side-lines, listening and wondering whether I had anything to wear that would fit in with what they had. Maybe it was my own personal inferiority complex, but they all seemed so sophisticated in comparison to me. I was relieved when Morgan suggested that we meet up beforehand to get ready together. When I told her where I lived, we were surprised to find that we were only a couple of blocks away from each other. Morgan went home, picked up the stuff she needed to get ready and came round to mine with a bottle of wine. Not being a big drinker, one glass was enough to calm my nerves.
                  Once we had discussed my wardrobe and Morgan had showed me how to make a flick at the edge of my eye with eye-liner, she wanted to discuss the ‘dream’ about Amelia. “It’s creepy though, don’t you think?” she said. “I’m sure it’s just a strange coincidence.”
                  “I hope so.” As we made our way through the wine, my tongue started to loosen. “It’s all the more worrying because I saw her wearing a pair of pink, tattered slippers and her school uniform,” I confessed. Morgan stopped what she was doing and looked at me, her eyebrow arched in disbelief.
                  “Do you believe in psychic ability?” she asked and then, stifling a laugh with a snort, “you aren’t pulling my leg, are you?”
                  “No, I’m not pulling your leg and I don’t know whether I believe in psychic ability, but it beats what I was thinking.”
                  “What were you thinking?” she asked, seriously.
                  “That I’d lost the plot and needed locking up!” We both laughed. The alcohol had kicked in and we were ready for our night out.
                  “We’ll pretend you’re on day release then, and I’ll take care of you,” Morgan said, chuckling as we climbed into our taxi. We were headed to a place called Louie’s where I’d never been before. Morgan said they liked it because the people in there tended to be older than twenty-one, often teachers or staff from the hospital, so it wasn’t a cattle-mart, like the clubs catering for teenagers usually were. I liked it as soon as we walked in. The other four girls from work had already arrived and sat at a table near to the dance floor. The lighting was low and the tables were decorated with small church candles.
                  “Hi Morgan! Hi Gillian!” shouted Hazel Murray, a Maths teacher who always went out of her way to speak to me in the staffroom.  “I’m just going to the bar. Care to join me?” Morgan motioned for me to sit, but I shook my head.
                  “You brought wine over to my place. I’ll get these.”
                  “You been here before?” Hazel asked cheerfully.
                  “No, but I like it already.” We chatted while we waited to be served. Hazel was telling me about her new husband, Dean, and I was starting to feel quite jealous of how happy she was in her relationship, when she cut off and seized my hand.
                  “There’s an absolutely gorgeous man staring at you on the other side of the bar!” she announced and then grabbed a barman as he walked past to order drinks.
    I looked up. She was right. He was gorgeous and he was definitely looking at me but probably not for the reasons Hazel thought. It was Dr Arnold. He shook his head as if to remind himself of where he was and waved shyly. He’d probably just realised where he knew me from. I waved back and smiled.
    “Get in there, babe!” Hazel cried, gleefully. “Serve my friend next, yeah?” she said to the barman, who seemed entranced by her. With a sigh, he turned to me and

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