Wanted Distraction

Wanted Distraction by Ava McKnight Read Free Book Online

Book: Wanted Distraction by Ava McKnight Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ava McKnight
Tags: Erótica
    Returning to the bedroom, I tossed the condoms on the nightstand. He’d removed his pants, but not his briefs. His erection strained against the sexy black shorts, making my mouth water.
    I finally kicked off my heels and climbed back into bed with him.
    Carter reached for me and pulled me down on top of him. He kissed me in that way that made me feel singed to the core of my being. Hot and passionate. Obviously, he couldn’t hold back, which made my pulse race and my cunt ache.
    His hands roamed my body, his fingers grazing my skin until it tingled. He touched me without reservation or hesitation. In fact, he was quite assertive as he cupped my ass cheeks and kneaded them. He broke our kiss and, gripping the backs of my thighs, coaxed me to straddle his lap, and my upper body melded to his. With his hands on my hips, he pressed my pelvis downward, sliding my satin-covered lips over his hard cock. He was wide and thick, and my insides blazed at the thought of him filling and stretching me.
    We rocked slowly together, and my breathing grew shallow.
    I dropped kisses on his chest as he murmured, “You are so damn sexy.”
    Words I’d longed to hear from him. Praise the Lord, I’d successfully erased the image of Tinkerbell from his mind.
    Sitting up, but still riding his cock through our underwear, I said, “Do crazy-wicked things to me, Carter. Things I’ll never forget. Things I won’t ever want any other man to do to me, because I know there’ll be no comparison.”
    He sat up as well, and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed me hungrily as his hands swept over my ribs, to my breasts. He massaged them with a slight roughness that made me restless.
    When the pads of his thumbs brushed over my nipples, I sighed contentedly.
    “I always knew your hands would feel heavenly on my body.”
    He stilled. “You’ve thought of this?”
    “Fantasized about it,” I admitted, not the least bit ashamed, because our intimate connection was undeniable. “For a very long time.”
    His head dipped and his tongue replaced a thumb on one of my nipples. He flicked the puckered bud, then whispered against the sensitive peak, “And this?”
    “All of it,” I confessed. “Your hands and mouth all over my body, in places no one else has touched.”
    A heartbeat later, he flipped me onto my back. He propped himself up on one elbow as he lay between my parted thighs.
    “Where, Cherish?” he asked in a thick voice.
    I hedged, my inhibitions creeping in around my brave front.
    His hand skimmed over my stomach and down to the apex of my legs. His fingers swept over my pussy lips as he asked, “Here?”
    I nodded.
    “With my mouth?”
    Again, I nodded.
    “No man’s ever—”
    “No.” My voice was low and needy. “I never wanted that with anyone other than you. That’s what makes the fantasies so good. You do things to me I won’t let anyone else do.”
    His chiseled face became a mask of hard angles. I couldn’t read his expression, but it was incredibly tense.
    “Cherish.” He shook his head. He seemed incapable of coming up with the right words to express his thoughts and feelings. Instead of speaking, he simply rubbed my lips with his fingertips as he stared into my eyes.
    The erotic sensation was ridiculously blissful and equally titillating. The desire in his dark gaze aroused me even more. When his fingers whisked aside the material covering my pussy and he stroked me again, the skin-on-skin contact caused a small cry to fall from my partially opened mouth.
    I bit into my lower lip to keep from making another peep as his fingers shifted to my clit and rubbed the swollen nub in slow circles.
    My hand curled around the side of his neck. The other hand slipped through the space between our bodies, created by the elbow holding him up, and I flattened my palm against his back. He bent his head to my breast again and gently suckled a nipple, sending a ripple of excitement through me.
    Releasing my lip, I

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