Waves of Reckoning (The Montclair Brothers)

Waves of Reckoning (The Montclair Brothers) by Terri Marie Read Free Book Online

Book: Waves of Reckoning (The Montclair Brothers) by Terri Marie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Terri Marie
looking forward to sitting through the closing arguments in Robert’s trial today. Vincent hoped the creep would act out, and be kept away from the courtroom. Just the sight of the guy made him want to knock his teeth down his throat. If he got this angry, he could only imagine how it must feel to Jacob, Renee, and Brian, his shooting victims, not to mention the families of the people Robert had killed. After his shower, and shave, he wrapped a towel around his waist and went back into the kitchen. Sean had gotten up and was talking with Jacob.
    “Good morning, Vin,” smiled Sean. “This coffee tastes like shit.”
    “So I’ve heard,” he laughed. “Sean, I need something clean to wear. I’m going to raid your closet.” Vincent walked into Sean’s bedroom. He was thankful that he and his brothers wore the same size. Tyler was the tallest, but the variation in height was barely noticeable. He chose a dark gray pinstriped suit and a black and gray tie, put his black loafers back on, and took a seat in the kitchen.
    “You better not be wearing my boxers…” warned Sean.
    “I love you, my brother, but I wouldn’t go there.” Vincent winked and looked over at Jacob. “Are you feeling good about today?”
    “Yeah, he’ll get convicted, but the relief of putting Robert behind us will be the best part. Oh, and I made a new pot of coffee. Want some?” Jacob laughed and went over to the cabinet.
    “Tyler hasn’t poked his head out of the bedroom yet. Do you think I should get him up?” asked Jacob.
    Vincent was about to reply when Tyler walked out to the hall and went inside the bathroom. He listened as the shower turned on.
    “Normally he’d come out here and make some kind of wise-ass remark about a lumpy bed or something,” began Sean. “He’s worrying me.”
    “Yeah, me too,” agreed Vincent. “We’ll have to stick beside him like glue and make sure he doesn’t try to slip out of the courtroom.” He could just picture them having to chase Tyler down during closing arguments. Vincent couldn’t help but anticipate a tackle in front of reporters.
    ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞
    Tyler put his rumpled suit back on. He could care less what he looked like. The shower made him more alert. He hadn’t slept at all, and his head was pounding. Tyler looked in the mirror at his whiskered face, but he found no reason to shave. It was just one more thing that would zap his energy when he needed every drop he could muster. He planned to flee to Castle Lake the minute the attorneys were done running their mouths today, and once there, he’d get a motel room and wait for the verdict to be announced on the news. Then he’d hit the beach, searching every square inch of woods near it, until he found the son of a bitch. This way, no one could stop him.
    Renee had offered to bring him clean clothes, but Tyler didn’t think he could face her. In order to confront Sebastian, he couldn’t be filled with guilt. There was no way he could get any closure until he made his father face him. If a fist or two happened to fly, it’d be like hitting a random person. Tyler felt no family connection to the man. He’d be attacking a stranger.
    Walking into the kitchen, he sat in a chair but stayed silent. Sean brought him a mug of coffee, which he sipped, but he couldn’t clear his mind enough to start a conversation.
    “Let’s go grab some breakfast,” suggested Vincent. “We can’t sit there without food in our stomachs.”
    Tyler didn’t agree or disagree. He just followed everyone out to Sean’s SUV and took his place in the backseat between Vincent and Jacob.
    At the diner, his brothers placed their orders, and Sean ordered eggs and bacon for Tyler. When the food arrived, all he could do was to push the eggs around the plate with a fork.
    “Ty, you have to eat something.” Sean reached over and squeezed his shoulder.
    Tyler looked up at him and stared. He lifted a slice of toast, took a small bite, and then forced himself to

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