Wedgieman and the Big Bunny Trouble

Wedgieman and the Big Bunny Trouble by Charise Mericle Harper Read Free Book Online

Book: Wedgieman and the Big Bunny Trouble by Charise Mericle Harper Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charise Mericle Harper
There was a new superhero in town.
    His real name was Veggieman,
    but the children called him Wedgieman.

    Wedgieman could do lots of things.

    Right now he was fixing
    his outfit.
    He was making a pocket.
    And he was changing
    his Veggieman name
    into a Wedgieman name.

    He pulled the V off
    his suit and put on a W.

    “This will make the children happy,”
    said Wedgieman.
    Wedgieman cared about the children
    more than he cared about his own name.
    Wedgieman was a real hero.

    Wedgieman put the V in his pocket.
    “I might need to change back
    into Veggieman,” he said.
    He thought about a vegetable emergency.
    He smiled.
    Now he was ready for anything.

    Bad Dude was not a hero.
    Bad Dude was a bad guy.

    He had all kinds of bad-guy stuff:
    a secret hideout,
    an evil laugh,
    super inventor skills,
    and lots of plans
    to take over the world.
    Bad Dude was proud of his
    newest invention.
    The Powerful Ordinary-Object Phaser,
    or P.O.O.P. for short,
    was a zapping machine.
    It made things bigger and smaller.

    He smiled and patted the P.O.O.P.

    Bad Dude picked up a small box.
    “Buzz,” went the box.
    “Hello, bee,” said Bad Dude.
    “Soon you will be a giant bee!”
    He laughed his evil laugh
    and opened the box.

    The bee flew out the window.
    It scared a cute bunny.
    The bunny ran in front of the zapper.

    “Aaaah, Giant Cute Bunny!”
    screamed Bad Dude.
    Bad Dude did not like bunnies.
    They were too furry and too cute.
    Bad Dude opened the door
    to his hideout.
    “Beat it, bunny! Shoo!” said Bad Dude.

    “Growl,” said the giant bunny’s tummy.
    The bunny was hungry.
    It wanted to eat.
    It did not want
    to go away.
    The giant bunny hopped
    all over the room looking for food.
    A giant bunny in a secret hideout
    is not a good thing.

    The bunny knocked over
    bottles of goo,
    boxes of gadgets,
    and even Bad Dude’s favorite chair.
    The secret hideout was a mess!
    It was a disaster.

    “Nooooooooo!” shouted Bad Dude.
    He loved his special chair,
    and now it was broken.

    Bad Dude yelled
    at the bunny.
    What he said
    was not very nice.

    The bunny hopped on
    top of Bad Dude.
    Bad Dude was
    trapped under four
    giant furry paws.

    “I’m stuck!”
    cried Bad Dude.

    He waved his arms in the air.
    His hand hit the bee.
    It stung his finger.
    “Owwwww!” screamed Bad Dude.
    Everyone in town heard the scream.

    Wedgieman ran.
    The children ran.
    Wedgieman got there first.

    “Cute bunny,” said Wedgieman.
    “Growl,” said the bunny’s tummy.
    “Feed it something!” screamed Bad Dude.

    Wedgieman looked in his pocket.

    He took out two coins, a V,
    and three baby carrots.

    “Pick the carrots!” shouted Bad Dude.
    “Zap them with the P.O.O.P.!
    It will make them bigger!”
    Bad Dude pointed to the P.O.O.P.
    with his giant finger.

    Wedgieman aimed the machine
    at the carrots.
    He pressed the button.

    ZAP! The carrots were huge!
    “Wow,” said Wedgieman.
    “That looks impressive—and delicious!”

    The bunny thought so, too.
    It hopped over to eat a carrot.
    Bad Dude was free.

    Bad Dude ran
    to the zapper and pushed
    a different button.

    The bunny was small again.
    “Now it’s even cuter,” said Wedgieman.
    He went over to give the bunny a pat.

    “Perfect!” said Bad Dude.
    He pointed the P.O.O.P.
    right at Wedgieman.
    “Now it’s your turn to be small!”
    said Bad Dude.
    He put his head back
    and laughed his evil laugh.

    “Not so fast,” said Wedgieman.
    He turned and kicked the machine.
    It spun around and knocked
    Bad Dude to the ground.

    There was a fight.
    Crash! Owww! My finger! Smash! Eeeee!
    My finger! Clunk! Yeeowww! My finger!

    The giant zapper was broken.
    Bad Dude was tied up.
    Wedgieman was the winner.
    Wedgieman checked his costume.
    Everything looked perfect.
    He was ready for the children.
    “Giant carrots for everyone!”
    shouted Wedgieman.

    “Yay! Wedgieman!” cheered the children.
    “Our hero!”

    The carrots were

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