When I Lie With You

When I Lie With You by Sandi Lynn Read Free Book Online

Book: When I Lie With You by Sandi Lynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sandi Lynn
Tags: Romance, millionaire
upstairs and grabbed my purse while Adalynn finished her breakfast. As I took my phone from the dresser, I noticed a text message from Ian.
    “I miss you already. Have fun with Adalynn today.”
    I smiled as I replied back.
    “I miss you more and my fun will begin tonight when you’re home with me.”
    “Rory, you’re killing me.”
    “Love you, Ian.”
    “Love you too, sweetheart.”
    I was beaming from ear to ear as I walked down the stairs and over to Adalynn.
    “I must say, Rory, you look like the happiest person I know.”
    “That’s because I am. I’ve never felt such happiness, Adalynn, and I owe it all to Ian.”
    I stood in front of the rack of dresses in awe over their beauty. Adalynn was on the other side of the shop , working with a bridal consultant and explaining to her the vision she had for her dress. As I was lost in the world of elegant white, a sales woman approached me and handed me a glass of champagne.
    “Thank you.” I smiled.
    Adalynn walked over to where I was standing with a smile on her face. “Pretty fancy, huh?”
    “Everything is so beautiful,” I replied.
    “Have a seat over there on the couch. I’m going to try on the few dresses I picked out and I want your honest opinion.”
    “Of course I’ll give you my honest opinion, Adalynn.”
    She walked into the oversized dressing room as I took my champagne and sat down on the couch. I pulled my phone from my pocket and sent Ian a text.
    “I hope you’re having a great day!”
    “I am now.”
    I smiled.
    “I’m off to a meeting, sweetheart. I’ll talk to you later. Love you to pieces.”
    “Love you.”
    Adalynn cleared her throat to get my attention, and when I looked up, tears sprang to my eyes when I saw the beautiful bride standing before me.
    “Adalynn, it’s beautiful. You look so amazing.”
    “Nah, I don’t like it,” she said as she looked in the mirror.
    “What! How can you not love it?”
    “It’s too much dress. I think I’m going to stick with the mermaid style. All this fluff isn’t me.”
    I loved the f luff. I could see myself drowning in fluff and loving it every minute of it. Adalynn looked at me and smiled. “I want you to try this on.”
    “What? Are you crazy? I’m not trying on that dress!” I exclaimed.
    She walked towards me with a wide smile on her face. “Yes , you are. You’ve never tried on a wedding dress and it’s so much fun. Come on!” she said as she held out her hand.
    I sighed as I got up. I secretly wanted to try on the dress. I followed her into the dressing room, where she changed out of the dress and handed it to the sales woman. She took me in the room next to Adalynn’s and helped me into the wedding gown. I stepped outside the dressing room and stood in front of the large three-way mirror. Adalynn came out in a stunning Vera Wang, strapless, mermaid-style dress that was simply made for her.
    “Rory, look at you. You look gorgeous. How do you feel?” she asked.
    “Like a princess.” I smiled. “I didn’t realize how heavy wedding dresses are.” I laughed.
    “That they are. Well, what do you think?” Adalynn asked as she spun around.
    “It’s gorgeous and it’s you. It’s perfect.”
    She walked over to where the veils sat on a beautifully etched glass shelf. She picked one up that was a crown and set it on top of my head.
    “There. Now you’re complete.” She smiled.
    I gulped as I stood there, staring at myself in a beautiful wedding dress and veil. I remembered when I was a child, I would sit and look at magazines with my mom and sometimes there would be pictures of brides. She would look at me and say that one day that would be me and she couldn’t wait to see me as a bride. My eyes started to fill with tears and I couldn’t let Adalynn see me so emotional, so I went back into the dressing room to change out of the dress and back into my clothes.
    “Are you okay, Rory?” she asked.
    “Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just overwhelming , you

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