When Tomorrow Ends
    “Move out. Go back down to your bungalow. Let him know it’s time to get serious. He’s been stringing you along, afraid to do the deed for a while now. He promised you marriage how long ago and he never even bought a ring?”
    Maggie shook her head and sipped on the wine from the bottle. “We were going to get a ring last night, before I got lost at sea. He was going to meet me for dinner but we never had the chance.”
    “It doesn’t matter Maggs. Jake has carried the load of fear and destruction from the time his Mother died until now. I thought when he fell in love with you, he was over it. But it looks like his fears are still there. It’s time to show him you’re not going anywhere. Maggie, the man needs to step up to the plate if he wants to keep you.”
    Maggie bit her bottom lip then took another swig from the bottle. It all sounded great tonight. Would she be able to pull it off when Jake showed up?
    Jake knew the moment his brother walked in to the bar. He didn’t want any company, but Jon understood him. Jon never let him down. “Another one,” he told the bartender.
    She poured him a shot of Jack. “Here comes my brother, he’ll take one too.” She placed another shot beside the one on the bar.
    “Hope that’s one for me bro, or you’re in sad shape,” Jon told him. He sat next to Jake and reached for the shot glass.
    Jake swung his glass towards his bro. “To us, twins, the bond that never betrays.” He clinked the tiny glass with Jon and grinned. “I’m messed up bro.”
    “I can see you are,” Jon told him. He ordered two beers and pushed one in front of Jake. “I guess we may as well both get messed up together then. I’m not going anywhere.”
    Jake nodded, his head down as he stared at the empty shot glass. The young bartender came over and placed her hand on the glass. She leaned in a little too close to Jake and asked him if he wanted another. He nodded. “Two. This is my twin.”
    She looked Jon over, the surprise on her face at seeing another man like Jake except for shorter hair. “I’m Suzie. They call me Suzie Q.”
    “Suzie Q’s been taking care of me, right Suzie?”
    The bartender placed a hand over Jakes on the bottle of beer. “You bet big guy. How about you wait until I’m done here and I’ll get you home.”
    Jon chimed in. “Home is about two hours away. I’ll take care of him from here,” he told her. “Maggie will be home waiting on him.”
    The bartender stepped back. “Oh, I’m sorry dude. I had no clue.” She went about rinsing glasses and Jake watched as she bent over the sink, her cute backside in front of him.
    “It doesn’t do a thing for me,” Jake told his brother. “You?”
    Jon shook his head and stared at the bartender’s backside along with Jake. “Nah, can’t think of anyone else but Abby.”
    Jake nodded. “I feel the same way. All I think about is Maggie, how she feels when I touch her. I love her and then she betrays me.”
    “Slow down Jake. Maggie isn’t the type of woman to betray anyone. What’s going on here?”
    Jake raked his hand through his hair. “We were going to meet for dinner but I worked and she had to go do some research about the sinking of that ship off of Key West.”
    “Yes, I heard about the ship.”
    “Do you know who did the explosives on the sinking?” Jake asked.
    “I’m starting to smell trouble. Who?” The way Jon said it told him he had a pretty good idea who. There weren’t too many people in the Keys qualified to sink a ship. There weren’t many explosive experts in the area, period.
    “You know who. She spent a whole night with him and the other men on Dry Tortugas.”

    Now Jon looked confused. “Wait. Jake. You don’t make sense. Why would Maggie spend the night with the Bad Boys of Boot Key Harbor?”
    “It wasn’t on purpose. No. There was a storm they

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