Whisper To Me of Love

Whisper To Me of Love by Shirlee Busbee Read Free Book Online

Book: Whisper To Me of Love by Shirlee Busbee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shirlee Busbee
wandered appreciatively over the lush charms displayed by the low-cut amber satin gown she was wearing. Her full white breasts seemed to spill out of the black-lace-edged bodice, and remembering the taste of that soft flesh in his mouth, Royce felt a tingle of anticipation run through him. Reaching the bottom stair, she put out her hands, and kissing them, Royce murmured, “But where else would I be? Having had the good fortune to snaffle you out from under the noses of several persistent rivals, do you think that now I shall neglect you?”
    Her brown eyes twinkled and she answered slyly, “And is that the only reason you’ve come to call? Fear of your former rivals?”
    Royce laughed and pulled her into his arms. Staring down into the beautiful face artfully framed by dusky ringlets, Royce brushed his mouth teasingly against her full, pouting mouth and said huskily, “Fear never entered into it—from the moment I laid eyes on you, there was never any doubt in my mind that you would soon be in my keeping! And as for my reasons for calling ...” He kissed her with sensual expertise, his lips pressing warmly against hers, his tongue seeking and meeting hers in an age-old duel.
    Della was pliant and breathless when he finally lifted his mouth from hers. Dropping a tantalizingly brief kiss on her bosom, he lowered his hands to her hips and pulled her firmly against him, making her vividly aware of how very aroused their kiss had made him. Brushing his lips against her ear, he muttered, “Any other questions, sweetheart?”
    â€œGod, no!” Della admitted candidly, eagerly pressing her warm body against him. It had been quite a feather in her cap to have caught his interest and she had angled shamelessly for his attention, the other rivals for her charms paling beside Royce’s forceful personality and handsome face and form. Fingers tangling in the thick, tawny locks, she looked up into his dark, chiseled features and confessed, “There has never been anyone like you in my bed!”
    A frankly carnal cast to his mouth, Royce’s hands caressed her buttocks and he murmured, “Well, then, I suppose it is up to me to keep you thinking that way, isn’t it?”
    Sweeping her up into his arms, he effortlessly carried her swiftly up the stairs to her room. Slamming the door shut with his booted heel, his mouth captured hers, and slowly lowering her, he let her yielding body slide sensually against his.
    On fire for him, Della frantically tore at his clothing, fairly purring when her seeking hands touched the warm, hard flesh of his naked chest. But he denied her further exploration. Catching both of her hands, he pulled them behind her back and held them prisoner in one of his hands; with the other, he proceeded to make short work of the frail barrier that kept her sweet breasts from him. One deft tug and the full, pink-tipped mounds were freed for him to touch and taste.
    Della groaned with pleasure when his mouth closed over the aching tip and helplessly she pushed herself against him, nearly melting with the hot desire that coursed through her. Her lower body was pressed tightly next to his, and through their clothing she could feel the rigid power of his arousal. With her arms held prisoner behind her and his mouth wreaking passionate havoc on her breasts, she could only twist in erotic abandon in his embrace, the greedy hunger for his possession growing with every passing moment.
    As he felt her wild writhing, a tight smile crossed Royce’s face. “Easy, easy, sweetheart,” he murmured thickly against her breast. “We have the entire night to pleasure each other.”
    Her eyes glittering with the passion he had aroused, the full mouth red from his kisses, Della shook her head. “No!” she said thickly. “I want you! Now!”
    The handsome face suddenly hard with desire, Royce muttered, “Very well then—anything to please a

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