White Tiger (A Shifter's Unbound Novel)
either, but that didn’t seem to matter right now.
    She was almost disappointed when Kendrick slowed in another small town and made for a motel a little way from the highway.
    Seeing Robbie and the little guys inside the room after Robbie unlocked the door and peered out cautiously, made up for the disappointment, however. Brett and Zane cried out in delight and rushed Addie, throwing their arms around her legs. Robbie gave her a calmer but no less exuberant hug.
    “Addie!” Brett yelled. “Did you bring pie?”
    “No, sweetie, sorry,” Addie said.
    Kendrick closed the door and locked it, then dropped the folder onto the bed and sent the suit coat and tie after it.
    Addie disentangled herself from the cubs, watching as Kendrick unbuttoned the shirt’s collar, just as she’d imagined him doing. His eyes took her in, his hair mussed from the ride. His hand went to another of the shirt buttons, and another.
    Just when Addie thought, breathlessly, that he’d pull open the shirt and let her gaze at his firm, well-muscled chest she’d seen in naked glory at the diner, he turned from her and headed for the bathroom.
    To hide her regret, she picked up the leather-bound folder he’d dropped, and opened it. Inside she found a yellow legal pad, brand new and unused, and the pockets of the folder empty. The folder too was new, probably purchased at an office supply store on Kendrick’s way to Loneview.
    Glancing at the closed bathroom door, Addie dipped her hand into his coat pocket. She found three cards, also new, possibly printed off at the same office store.
Miles Standing, Attorney at Law, Standing, Standing, and Davis
    She was staring at the card, mystified, when Kendrick came out. He’d changed back to jeans and a black T-shirt, looking like he always did when he came into the diner. Addie wasn’t sure which she preferred—bad-boy biker or well-dressed attorney.
    Addie held up the card. “Who is—?”
    “No one,” Kendrick said. “It’s a name I use sometimes when I have to deal with humans.”
    His clear eyes scrutinized her, taking in her waitress dress, which was limp and tired now, the ugly shoes she wore to keep her feet from getting too sore. She flushed, knowing she looked like crap but not sure what to do about it.
    Addie studied Kendrick in return. The white streaks in his hair were more prominent now that it was messy from the wind. The T-shirt hugged every muscle, which he hadn’t hidden at all when he’d fought at the diner. His neck remained bare, no Collar in sight.
    “All right, next question,” Addie said, her tongue finally loosening. “Why did you come rescue me?”
    Kendrick’s stare didn’t waver. “Because you were innocent. And because you didn’t betray me.”
    “Yes, I am, and no, I didn’t. Wait—how do you know I didn’t tell anyone about you? Can you read minds?
would be embarrassing.”
    “I’m Shifter.”
    Addie waited but Kendrick seemed to think the two words were an explanation.
    “What does that have to do with anything?” she finally asked.
    Kendrick’s voice was a low and pleasing rumble. “If you’d told them I was Shifter, Shifter Bureau and every law enforcement agency from Austin to the border would be hunting me right now. There’d be news reports telling people to call in any sight of me or any unusual Shifter activity at all.
how I know.”
    His gaze was unnerving but Addie continued to meet it. “Well,
didn’t do the shooting. You were shot
. You killed that guy in self-defense. But there’s no body, no evidence that you hurt anyone or he hurt you. I don’t think anyone would have believed me when I said you stuck a sword into a man and he disintegrated.” She ran out of breath, rubbing her hands over her arms. “They took your money—the deputies did. I’m so sorry.”
    Kendrick shook his head. “It doesn’t matter.”
    Addie’s eyes widened. “Seriously? Five thousand dollars is gone like a puff of dust and it

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