Wild Nevada Ride

Wild Nevada Ride by Sandy Sullivan Read Free Book Online

Book: Wild Nevada Ride by Sandy Sullivan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sandy Sullivan
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Romance, Adult, Western
lips down her neck, nipping at the soft skin with his teeth as a groan rumbled deep in his chest. His hands moved back up her body, cupping her breasts and kneading the soft flesh, before moving up to touch her face.
    She opened her eyes, and he could see the passion in her gaze as it quickly raced out of control between them.
    “You have no idea how much I want you right now,” he whispered before his mouth swooped down and took hers again. She whimpered under his kiss and opened her mouth. One hand moved down her chest to her stomach and slipped beneath the stretchy material of her tank top. A moment later, he skimmed back up her soft belly, and pushed her bra out of the way, before his palm rasped against her already hardened nipple.
    A knock sounded on the door.
    “Kat? Are you in there?”
    “My mother,” she whispered, ripping her mouth from his. “Yeah, Mom,” she said louder so her mother could hear her.
    “We are about to cut the cake. Are you coming?”
    “Not yet,” he chuckled softly.
    She punched him in the arm. “I’ll be right down,” she answered her mother.
    “Are you all right? You sound strange.”
    While she continued to talk to her mother, he let his mouth wander down her chest to take the nipple in his mouth.
    “Yes, Mom, I’m fine.” She pushed against his shoulders even while a soft moan rumbled in her chest. “I’ll be down in a minute.”
    She arched against his mouth when one hand popped the snap on her shorts and slid inside. She whimpered when his fingers slipped through the curls, past her engorged pussy lips and entered her slick vagina. “Oh God,” she whispered, clutching his head as he continued to tongue her nipple and the fingers inside her began to stroke.
    Another knock on the door and she whimpered before she almost shouted, “What?”
    “Kat, have you seen Justin?”
    She groaned. “No. Maybe he’s in the bathroom.”
    “I can’t seem to find him anywhere.”
    “I’ll be out in a minute, and we’ll see if we can find him together, okay? I’m…uh…I’m changing clothes.”
    “All right. Grams is about to cut the cake.”
    “I know!”
    “I’ll see you in a minute, then.”
    She couldn’t hold herself upright anymore, and he laid her back on the bed, stripping the shorts from her in one swift motion. His lips trailed down her belly and she opened her legs. He found the swollen clit with his tongue, toggling quickly, and she wiggled beneath his mouth. Several swift licks and he felt her stiffen and cry out even as she bit her lip to silence her scream of ecstasy when her climax hit her, hard.

    * * * *

    She blinked for a moment, looking at the man kissing up her stomach before latching onto her breast. In the distance she heard, the beginnings of the happy birthday song.
    “Shit! Get off!” She pushed at his shoulders until he lifted his head, his brown eyes scorching her with their heat. “Get off!”
    He shifted off her, and she scrambled to her feet. Looking around, she finally spotted her shorts and underwear a couple of feet from the bed. Scooping them up, she wiggled back into them and adjusted her bra back in place, before she turned and faced him again.
    “I take it play time is over.” His dimples peeked out when his lips lifted at the corners in a devastating smile.
    “I’m missing my grandmother’s birthday.”
    “Yes, well, I guess that says it all.” He rose from the bed and moved toward her. She could feel her heart still racing and her blood rushing in her ears even as he stopped in front of her and gently took her lips. When he raised his head again, he said, “After you.”
    She opened the door and peeked out in the hall to make sure no one was about before they stepped into the hall. Heading down the stairs, she stopped at the bottom and said, “I’ll go out first. If we go out there together, everyone will know what happened.”
    “The rosy blush to your cheeks, sweetheart, would tell anyone who

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