Winner Takes All (A Full Length Erotic Romance Novel)

Winner Takes All (A Full Length Erotic Romance Novel) by Sherilyn Gray Read Free Book Online

Book: Winner Takes All (A Full Length Erotic Romance Novel) by Sherilyn Gray Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sherilyn Gray
need to touch him, to reacquaint herself with the muscled heat of his
chest she’d felt last night.
    Damien’s blue eyes fastened on the motion. He took a single step toward
her. And Sasha drew in another breath of his clean masculinity.
    Suddenly, she was conscious of not having taken a shower. Of her
brother’s grubby presence in her apartment. She opened her mouth to demand her
purse, but Damien neatly slipped into her apartment. At the sight of James, his
eyebrow arched in question. But he said nothing.
    “This isn’t really a good time,” she said.
    “I’ll wait,” Damien countered.
    She turned to her brother who was watching her and Damien with a
calculating look. For a moment, she tried to see him through Damien’s eyes. His
faded and ripped t-shirt. The thrift store jeans that were too big for his
skinny body. His hair still damp from the shower and sticking up in all
directions from their fight. As if reading her mind, James bared his teeth at
her in what could have passed for a smile. He bent down and picked up his
duffel bag.
    “I’ll call you soon, Sasha.” His voice was low and intent, promising
another visit. Whether or not she wanted one.
    Her brother slipped behind Damien then, after throwing her another
leering grin behind her boss’s back, left the apartment, slamming the door
behind him. The sound of the slam reverberated like a gunshot through the
apartment. Sasha clenched her jaw but couldn’t stop the sigh of relief from
whistling past her teeth.
    Then she turned to face Damien, knowing that she wouldn’t like whatever
it was that he came to say.

Chapter Eight
    Damien looked at her with his intense blue eyes, watching her every
move but saying nothing until the silence stretched and grew, nearly
suffocating in its size. Sasha cleared her throat.
    “Can I get you something to drink?”
    “Sure. Mineral water, if you have it. Orange juice, if you don’t.”
    She nodded and walked to the kitchen, very aware of his presence in her
small apartment. He dropped her purse on the coffee table and followed her into
the kitchen, his steps quiet and graceful.
    “I was disappointed that you had to leave my house so soon,” he said.
    Sasha went to the fridge and took out two small bottles of Perrier.
Fetched a glass from the cupboard for Damien but none for herself.
    “I thought it was best for me to go,” she said.
    She passed him a bottle of water and a glass then stood by the counter
in the small kitchen while he stood near the fridge barely three feet away. He
put the empty glass on the counter, unscrewed the top and put the bottle to his
    Sexy, sexy man. Her brain supplied the thought while she stared
at his mouth that was sucking on the bottle. She vividly remembered the feel of
his mouth on her nipples.
    “Why? Didn’t you enjoy yourself last night?” An eyebrow rose, a
suggestion that he already knew the answer to his own question.
    Sasha briefly thought of denying it. But remembering how incredibly
turned on she had been, how wet, how she had alternately whispered and screamed
his name as he made love to her, she realized here was no denying her reaction.
No denying that she had thoroughly enjoyed him last night. Even now, her body
swelled and made the way for him, eager to join with him again. She cleared her
throat and swallowed. A blush colored her cheeks.
    “Yes. I did,” she said. “You know I did.”
    She touched the cold bottle of mineral water, tracing a finger through
the condensation. Even with the admission still seasoning the air between them,
she couldn’t look at Damien. She heard the dull thud as he put his water on the
kitchen counter, felt him coming close to her.
    “Then why not indulge ourselves again. I had…an incredible time.” He
settled a hand lightly on her elbow, and that touch burned. “Your mouth is so
sexy,” he murmured. “All morning I’ve been

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