Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt by S.M. Reine Read Free Book Online

Book: Witch Hunt by S.M. Reine Read Free Book Online
Authors: S.M. Reine
It was a rare talent, but not impossible. We used to have a witch on retainer at the OPA that did something like that. He would touch skulls and tell you what the victim was thinking before she died. Useful guy to have around. Made it real easy to close cases that the mundane police thought had gone cold.
    He’d killed himself last year. We hadn’t found another witch that could talk to the dead since then.
    But this Isobel Stonecrow, she might be able to do the same thing.
    She might be able to ask Erin who killed her.
    Stonecrow’s case file was a hell of a lot more interesting with that thought on the tip of my brain. I started reading it again with new eyes.
    Three different families had filed complaints about her this year. One in Long Beach, one up near Sacramento, another down in San Jose. She sure got around. Wonder why she was traveling all over the state like that. Trying to keep us off her tail?
    Those complaints hadn’t inspired this investigation. The last of those had come in three months ago, and we usually acted on real problems faster than that. If it wasn’t a problem now , it wasn’t a problem at all.
    But the overview letter said that they wanted Stonecrow nailed within the week, and the budget set out for grabbing her was a lot more than we usually give one obnoxious witch.
    That told me two things: first, that Stonecrow must have pissed someone off at the OPA, and second, that I wouldn’t be the only one looking for her. This wasn’t a case that was going to wait until I get back. They would have already given it to one of the other guys. Who knows? Maybe they were already on her trail tonight.
    Not good.
    I heard Suzy come down the stairs as I studied the files. Her shadow slid over me, doubled and tripled in size by all the candlelight. Her silhouette was almost as big as her personality. “Did you warm up the chicken?” she asked as she stepped into the kitchen. I smelled her body wash as she passed. She had used peach soap. Smelled feminine, like soft skin and curves.
    And magical incense.
    I sneezed again.
    “No, I didn’t get that far.” My voice was embarrassingly stuffy. Couldn’t breathe through my nose anymore. “I’m not hungry.”
    Suzy muttered some choice insults about all my favorite body parts and slammed around in the kitchen. She also said something about “stupid men.”
    I snorted and kept reading.
    Isobel Stonecrow didn’t have an address. She’d never had an address, in fact. No place of employment. No medical history. No Social Security number. No coven affiliations. If it hadn’t been for three furious families short a wad of cash, we wouldn’t have even known she existed. So her name was probably a pseudonym. If I could find her real name, I could find where she lived—if she lived anywhere at all.
    With wandering feet like that, maybe she was mobile. Sleeping in the backseat of a car or something.
    The information in the files was limited, but there might’ve been more in the OPA database. Witness testimony, for instance.
    “Hey Suzy,” I called, marking a few notes in the margins, “you got any—”
    I looked up and forgot all my words.
    For a tough little pixie of a woman, Suzy’s legs looked awfully long when they were bare. It took me a few long seconds to get from her bare, dainty feet to the swell of her thighs and to realize that she was wearing a nightgown that didn’t cover much of anything. If she walked too fast, she would flash panties.
    Her charcoal hair was loose around her shoulders and she was holding two bowls of food. Like every man’s wet dream.
    “Uh, broken,” I said. That didn’t make any sense. Shit. “Your window’s broken. So’s your mirror.” That wasn’t what I’d meant to talk about. It wasn’t even what I had been thinking about.
    She set the bowls down. “Some dick broke in while I was at work two days ago and stole a few things. This neighborhood’s going downhill fast. But you get why I didn’t want you

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