Witch Twins

Witch Twins by Adele Griffin Read Free Book Online

Book: Witch Twins by Adele Griffin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Adele Griffin
go back to Five A to visit her every once in a while, she doesn’t make you feel babyish about it. She was basically the coolest teacher I ever had.”
    So Luna had been excited, back in September, when she and Claire had both gotten assigned to 5A. That was Mrs. Sanchez’s room! Although 5A would rotate some classes with Mr. Rosenthal’s 5B, getting 5A officially meant they belonged to Mrs. Sanchez.
    “You lucked out,” Justin told them. “Besides, Rosenthal’s got hair in his ears and moss on his teeth, and sometimes he smells like sour milk.”
    Not Mrs. Sanchez. “Welcome, this year’s beloved Five A kids,” Mrs. Sanchez told them that very first day. “Let me step back and get a look at you. I see we have twins! Now that is a good–luck charm!”
    Luna smiled across the aisle at Claire, who smiled back. It was nice to be singled out as a good–luck charm.
    And Justin was right. Mrs. Sanchez was the best teacher, ever. She showed them how to make dream catchers, she hummed under her breath, and she took them on a field trip every week.
    “Philadelphia is one of the greatest cities in the world,” she said. “Let’s get to know it!”
    Then, in October, Mrs. Sanchez had made a surprise announcement. She stood in front of the class with a big smile on her face. “My husband and I are expecting a child next year, in mid–April. I will be able to teach all the way up until then, and afterward I am taking off the rest of the year to be at home with our new baby. But I’m happy to tell you that Tower Hill Middle school already has found a wonderful substitute teacher to finish off the year with you. Her name is Ms. Fleegerman, and she used to live in Hawaii.”
    The twins exchanged unhappy faces with all the other kids in the classroom, because Mrs. Sanchez was everybody’s favorite teacher, and nobody wanted a new one.
    And even before they had met her, the twins knew they would hate–hate–hate old Ms. Fleegerman.
    Luckily, “sometime next year in the middle of April” was months ahead, and pretty soon the class forgot about Mrs. Sanchez’s baby.
    “That’s because she wasn’t having a baby the usual way,” declared Claire. “If Mrs. Sanchez had been pregnant, then at least we would have had a reminder every day.”
    “Like a Fleegerman countdown,” added Luna.
    So it came as a surprise, on the second Monday of April, when the twins walked into 5A and saw a strange woman sitting at Mrs. Sanchez’s desk.
    “Aloha, class,” she said. “My name is Ms. Fleegerman. I am happy to give you some very good news. Over the weekend, Louisa and Randy Sanchez became proud parents of an eight–pound baby girl. At the end of the day, we will make congratulations cards.”
    The room was in a rumble of confusion. For one thing, a few kids did not know what “aloha” meant. (It is Hawaiian for hello and good–bye.) Second, it took a minute to realise that Louisa and Randy Sanchez meant Mrs. Sanchez, and some husband nobody had ever met. And third, everyone had sort of forgotten about how Mrs. Sanchez and her husband had been planning to adopt a baby.
    The final thing was that Ms. Fleegerman was very strange looking. She was tall as a lamppost and skinny as a needle, with hair that looked as it had been chewed off instead of cut. She wore blue-framed glasses and orange nylon stockings. Worst of all, when she saw the twins, her face scrunched up as if she’d swallowed a sourball.
    “Why weren’t you twins split up into different rooms?” she asked. “That’s no way to assert your individuality.”
    “We assert our individuality together,” said Claire, and a few kids grinned because Claire was known to be sort of wise.
    Ms. Fleegerman made a hen-clucking sound in her throat, then wrote something down in her teacher’s notebook. Something bad, Luna knew.
    “Old Ms. Fleegerman is even meaner than we expected,” said Luna that night at dinner. Steve was over, and he had made a special chef’s

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